The Time When Diljit Dosanjh Met Justin Bieber In A Lift

Most of us are star-struck when we meet our favorite superstars in real life. Fans are often unable to believe that they are seeing their idols, people they see regularly on their TV screens, people they admire, in front of their eyes.

But have you ever thought how celebrities might react when they experience their own fan moments? Diljit Dosanjh is today one of the biggest Bollywood stars. He once met somebody who made the celebrity tongue-tied. 

Diljit Dosanjh was returning from the USA and was in Dubai when he met one of the biggest music icons in the history of world music, Justin Bieber. The meeting took place in a lift at the airport.

Diljit was in a hurry and initially thought that some random kid was walking down his way. When Justin and Diljit got into the same lift, Diljit thought that the kid was trying to copy Justin Bieber. It was only when Justin initiated the conversation with Diljit, complementing his dressing, that

Diljit realized it was not some kid copying Justin but Justin Bieber himself. The two exchanged some words with each other and even shook hands. But our simple and polite Sardar Ji didn’t even click a picture with the pop star.

Diljit found it awkward to ask the artist for a picture and said that he would work with him sometime in the future.

Though Diljit Dosanjh has become such a huge name in the industry, he too was star-struck by the aura of Justin Bieber.

We hope that the last line of the previous paragraph becomes a reality as soon as possible. With Diljit’s popularity, it doesn’t seem impossible for the artist to do a collaboration with Justin Bieber soon. 

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