The Total Cost Of Amrit Maan’s This Outfit Will Blow Your Mind

A true fan is someone who knows every detail about their favourite and most loved artists. Be it their food habits, pets, or the brands they wear the most, a fan knows everything. And if you’re a true fan of Amrit Maan, we have brought for you some information about his latest semi-formal outfit.

Punjabi’s love for their favourite brands is very obvious and popular. But sometimes the costing of such brands and outfits surprises us. And something exactly we are going to share with you today. A picture of Amrit Maan from the Instagram page of PB Fits has shared the details of his complete outfit.

His sky blue shirt is from Burberry and costs $474 i.e. 35,366 INR, his black Denim jeans are from True Religion and costs $371 which is equal to 27,655 INR, his Gucci belt costs a total of $650 i.e. 48,437 INR. And talking about his footwear, Amrit Maan completes his outfit with a pair of loafers from Louis Vuitton which costs $860; 64,086 INR, making it a complete outfit of 1, 75, 544 INR. 

Maan’s outfit and his look indeed complimented each other perfectly. We loved what Amrit wore and the way he styled in completely.

Talking about the PB Fits, the Instagram page usually comes up with the details of the outfits of various Punjabi artists. Have a look at their profile and enjoy knowing more about your favourite celeb’s outfits.

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