The Truth Behind The Heart-wrenching Video Of Teacher Beating A Student

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media and you must have come across it too while surfing the web. The video shows the principal of a school calling a young girl student on stage and slapping her ruthlessly for laughing. The video has attracted massive outrage from the public after it got viral.

Sources tell that previously too, several complaints have been filed against the principal for beating up children and even specially abled students. 

The public is generally on the criticising side of the event. According to most of the reactants, The video has two sides. A student is bound to get punished for breaking the rules but insulting a child by beating her in front of the whole school for “Laughing” is justified to what extent? People state that this can cause public embarrassment to the child and in times when students are already under immense pressure of studies, peer pressure and god knows what not, these events make it worse for them.

On the other hand, the principal too has a clarification on the issue. She alleges that there are a few teachers who are her antis and try to defame the school by filing these bogus complaints. She does not offer any acceptance on the video yet.

After listening to both the viewpoints, what do you think about the issue? Is it okay for teachers to beat up students in front of everybody for minor mistakes or not?

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