The USA Marines Permits First Sikh Officer To Wear Turban With The Uniform

The USA Marines Permits First Sikh Officer To Wear Turban With The Uniform

Lieutenant Sukhbir Toor has become the first person ever to be allowed to wear a turban by US Marines, a branch of US Military. US Marines are said to be very strict in their dress codes. Marines are known to take in the changes very late as compared to the other branches of the US military. 

First Lt. Sukhbir Toor is granted the permission to wear a turban with the uniform, keep his hair and beard uncut according to the Sikh faith. The Marine opened up and said that he was inclined to give up his turban and hair when he joined the force, thinking that it would be wrong to ask for something without giving anything back. After his promotion to the post of Captain he finally had the courage and asked for permission to keep his turban, beard and hair to honor his faith. 

Source: MarineTimes

“I finally don’t have to pick the life I want to commit to, my faith or my country. I can be who I am and honor both sides”, said Lieutenant Toor. Sukhbir Toor appealed to the commandment of Marine Corps and they retreated allowing the lieutenant to wear the beard and turban. Sikh Troops in Canada, Britain and Australia already have turbans as the part of their uniform for the Sikhs. Now US Marines too allowed it to be a part of their dress. 

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Sukhbir Toor, the son of Indian immigrants, joined the Corps in 2017 and serves as an artillery officer in 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines, at Marine Corps Air-Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California, USA. 

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