The Viral Fight From Uttar Pradesh Provided The Internet The Latest Meme Material Including Baal Wale Chacha

The fight between two vendors in Uttar Pradesh went viral on social media platforms. The fight took place between two street vendor groups over the issue of dragging buyers to their shops. As the incident was caught on the camera, it went viral on social media in no time, and the internet was flooded with hilarious memes. And the person who got the maximum attention is Baal Wale Chacha. If you stay updated with the latest meme trends on Social media, then you already know who we are talking about. If you still haven’t figured it out, take a look at that:

Actor Divyenndu also took it to his twitter handle where he also shared a funny tweet about this viral fight:

Baal wale chacha grabbed everyone’s attention on social media especially because he has introduced a new series of Memes on Social media. Few Video Creators did funny editing and reshape the scenario into Avengers & WWE fight.

From a little fight of chat vendors to becoming the Internet’s favorite meme, Baal Wale Chacha is winning hearts with the help of his unique hairstyle.

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