The Viral Video Showing Protesters Supporting Khalistan Is Not From India

Since when the Farmers Protest has been started, there are claims and allegations on the protesters for supporting Khalistan.

This news has already made headlines multiple times on various news platforms. Recently a video was going viral on Twitter which grabbed attention of celebrities like Kangana Ranaut too. The video shows people supporting Khalistan by hoisting Khalistan flags and some pictures showed the Tricolor in disrespectful manner too.

Sharing the video on her Instagram account, Miss Ranaut wrote,

“The problem is we still think we need to enlighten them about what they supporting as if it will transform him. Of course they know what they doing. Danke ki chot pe they hoisted Khalistan flag on Red Fort, truth is it’s jungle Raj jiski lathi uski bhains and they had the lathi.”

But later it was confirmed that the video was not from India. The video actually was from the US which was known after identifying the user id of ‘amarvir_singh5’ who is a US based TikTok user. 

Also the location and trucks visible in the video did not look Indian. The TikTok user has also shared multiple videos of the event on his TikTok profile.

Alt News shared this information in their recent report.

Source: Alt News

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