The Wedding Photographs Of These Beautiful Brides Will Make Your Day Brighter

Everytime We see wedding pictures on social media our hearts melt like anything. Both the bright red colour of the Indian wedding and the super amazing white gowns of the Western weddings are equally fascinating and heart winning.

But recently we came across a wedding on social media which was a combination of both red and white. Both the brides looked extremely beautiful and prettiest in their wedding outfits. 

The brides; Gera Ruth and Sarika Modi tie the knot with each other in an Indo Western way. They took four pheras around a unity candle and also a mangalsutra. 

The pictures of their very perfect wedding are circulating on social media and winning our hearts. 

While Gera wore a white gown, Sarika chose to wear a red bridal jumpsuit.

Both the brides look extremely happy and cherished. Their romantic and beautiful wedding pictures have definitely won our hearts and we hope they enjoy their happily married life to the fullest.

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