Then Vs Now: Here’s What The Cast Of ‘Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da’ Looks Like Now

Punjabi film ‘Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da’ which was released in the year 1982 has an amazing storyline and star cast is still embedded in everyone’s heart. The film covers various lessons about life and delicately deals with many sensitive issues. 

A couple named Shamsher Singh and his wife who faced issues in having a baby decided to bring up the child and name him Gurdit. Later, the couple has a child of their own. Both siblings grow to manhood, loyal to each other until a woman drives a wedge between them.

The film garnered a lot of appreciation from the audience. And to relive the journey once again, here’s how the cast looked then, vs how they look now. 

1. Gurdas Maan AKA Gurdit

2. Kulbhushan Kharbanada AKA Shamsher Singh

3. Tanuja Samarth AKA Banso Kaur (Shamsher’s Wife)

4. Sharat Saxena AKA Balwant Singh

5. Aruna Irani AKA Balwant’s Wife 

6. Priti Sapru AKA Channi

7. Gurbachan Singh AKA Jaswant (Channi’s Brother) 

8. Nirmal Rishi AKA Bhaago

9. Surinder Shinda AKA Singing Fakir

Also, few of the cast have left the world very soon, but we all know that they will always be remembered when the movie is screened. They are:

10. Shammi AKA Gurdit’s Mother

11. Mehar Mittal AKA Dakia Sewa Ram

If you have watched this movie, you surely have felt nostalgia. As it is one of the best and evergreen movies of Punjabi cinema. Not only this, it is recommended as a must-watch feature film.

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