These Precious Pictures Of Farmers Happily Leaving Delhi Proves, The Taste Of Victory Is The Best

Farmers are celebrating victory as they took out a Fateh March from their protest field on 11 December as they return to their villages in Punjab and Haryana after a 15-months agitation that forced the center to repeal three farm laws.

Singhu border protest site lay empty after several farmers bundled up their belongings and led the way home on tractors, while others worked long hours to disassemble the makeshift accommodations they built mightily over the last year. Tractors adorned with colourful lights rolled out of the protest site blaring songs of victory. The elderly flaunted their colourful turbans and danced with the youngsters. You can see the glimpse of these events here:

Before they vacate, the stage was built at the protest site where farmers engaged in prayers and distributed morning Langar on Saturday, December 11. Afterwards, they left the site with heavy hearts in the tractors and wave a goodbye.

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