This 9-YO Cute Sikh Created A Loving Library For People Who Are In Need

A 9-Year old Sikh boy Anaik Sachdev from Phoenix, Ariz has made his community proud by helping many COVID patients. He has started a ‘Loving Library’ in which he donated the books to COVID-19 patients.

Recently, in an interview he was called to talk about the inspiration behind his thoughtful mission. To this Anaik replied, when his family was hit by Covid-19, he had to spend weeks alone at home. It all started with his mother getting the virus, followed by his grandmother, and then his dad. But Anaik found his own escape through the lonely days while his family was fighting the virus. He jumped into the world of books. 

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He then added, “When my family recovered, I started thinking about ways to help other people. That’s where my experience with books accompanying me through isolation came in handy. I decided to create a “Loving Library” for the hospital patients going through quarantine from the virus.”

No doubt he has helped many people with this action. With his mother, Anaik set up an Amazon Wish list, which allowed him to get donated books for hospital patients. He now hopes to see the Loving Library expand to other cities.

Not only this, the 9-year-old Anaik also revealed that this year he’s already collected over 200 books for the homeless and is working with nonprofit Circle to City, a Homeless medical clinic, to distribute books to those on the street.

This little Sikh Boy has not only made the society proud but everyone around the globe. He has started such a great trend which somehow we are not able to think of. Anaik has been recognised by many awards and cash prizes. We are absolutely in love with his good deeds and wish the best for his future.

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