This Cute Kid Vibing On ‘Jihne Mera Dil Luttya’ Will Make You Smile

Social media keeps on introducing us with various types of content every day. But there are some which makes us smile and makes our day brighter. 

And we have found something exactly like that. While scrolling on Instagram feed, we found an amazing video in which a cute kid is seen enjoying a very popular Punjabi song.

The kid is vibing on the superhit song ‘Jihne Mera Dil Luttya’ by Jazzy B.

We know the song has a huge fan base already and already know how popular the song is. 

But we are sure you have not seen a fan cuter than the kid we are talking about.

In the video, while somebody from the background sings the lyrics of the popular song, the kid is vibing with ‘Oh Ho’. 

Have a look at the video,

This video is going viral on Instagram and various Punjabi & Bollywood meme pages are sharing it too. 

We ourselves could not resist from watching it again and again. And we are sure this video will make your day happier as well. 

Also, the expressions of this cute kid have made it loud and very clear that there is no age for understanding good music. It is felt and vibed on. 

Jazzy B undoubtedly is a legend and his song ‘Jihne Mera Dil Luttya’ will always remain an evergreen hit of Punjabi Music Industry.

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