This Former Army Officer Is Giving Free Training To His Village Children

A former army officer living in the village of Hardialpur in Amritsar providing training to children to enlist in the army. The man behind all these good deeds is Gagandeep Singh, who retired as Naib Subedar after 17 years of service in the Army. He has a spare land where he is not only giving training to boys but girls too. He opened a training centre on that ground. In the ground there are almost 15-20 activities which is more than a normal army training centre has. 

Further, the Singh also gives recession in the fees  to those children who do not afford to pay. In Fact in one of the interviews, Gagandeep says if anyone wishes to pay some amount, they take and use it in the training equipment. There are approximately 100 students in his training center. He also gives training to students who want to be in the Police.

Singh added, his main motive is to train children, make them fit. If they are not accepted in the army or police, at least they are and healthy which is far more important for him. Also, the session starts at 5 in the morning and continues for one to two hour.

Moreover, girls and their parents feel so lucky that they got the opportunity to be a part of this academy and learn a lot from their coach Gagandeep Singh.

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