This Guy Might Have Broken The World Record For Longest ‘Hek’ In The World

A singer named G Surjit Ghola has the ability to perform the Hek, a long breathless high-tone opening of a Punjabi folk, for straight 47 seconds. The singer has done the unbelievable task on a number of occasions, live. 

We know you are not able to believe us, so we have live evidence for you. Take a look at this video showing the singer performing the impossible task live :

G Surjit Ghola is a singer from the Ropar City of Punjab. The singer is known for his long Hek, probably one of the longest Heks in the world. 

Veteran Punjabi singer, Surjit Bindrakhia, holds the World Record for the longest Hek ever performed, i.e., 28-second Hek in his song ‘Jugni’. The singer claims to perform 34-second Hek in his live shows but Surjit Ghola has shown that he can perform it for a whopping 47 seconds! 

The difference between the World Record and Surjit Ghola’s time is alone enough to blow everyone’s minds. Interesting thing is that both the singers are named Surjit, probably there is a Hek-talent in the name itself. 

If this is true, as Surjit Ghola has proved in his live videos, this might be the new Guinness World Record. No singer has ever performed the Hek for so long. What do you think? Has Surjit really broken the world record?

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