This Is How Multiple Rejections For Qismat Turned Jagdeep Sidhu A Director

This Is How Multiple Rejections For Qismat Turned Jagdeep Sidhu A Director

Jagdeep Sidhu who is a popular writer and director of Punjabi Film Industry has come up a long way to earn the appreciation he enjoys today. We are sure that just like us, you too love most of the movies he has worked in and especially Qismat. We hope you know that Qismat marked the directorial debut of Jagdeep Sidhu who was earlier only working as a writer.

And in Qismat also, he had no plans to direct the movie, but the situation landed him onto the director’s chair. And today, we will be discussing how rejections for Qismat turned Jagdeep Sidhu a director.

When Jagdeep had written the story of Qismat, he personally loved and believed that a movie must be made on this. He approached various Bollywood directors and actors for the movie, but unfortunately couldn’t convince them to work in the movie. He revealed that everyone loved the story, but for making a movie, story is not all that is needed. So, when he faced rejection, he made up his mind that if a Bollywood movie cannot be made for this story, he will try his best to make a Punjabi movie. He reached out to the top most directors of Punjabi Film Industry, who also didn’t show any interest in the movie because it was a n emotional story and they were not sure to take a risk that big.

At last, it was Ammy Virk who convinced Jagdeep in turning a director himself and making sure that this movie is made. He believed in Jagdeep and said he will work in the movie, and this is how Jagdeep, the writer, became the amazing director that he is today. We are glad that nobody agreed on making Qismat, because if that would have happened, we might not get to know about the amazing and commendable directorial skills of Jagdeep Sidhu. 

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