This Is How Parmish Verma Writes The Storyline Of The Songs He Directs

Parmish Verma, before becoming an actor and a singer, was public favourite as a director at first. He has directed a dozen of videos till date and most of them went superhit. The name Parmish Verma was itself a brand and his videos were amazing to watch.

Whenever we see some super amazing stories in a 3-minute long music video, we always wonder how it was made and created, how it executed and came out to be so good. Parmish Verma has a unique and surprising answer to it. When in an old interview he was asked about how he creates the storyline of the songs he directs, he said that it is not that difficult of a task for him.

“I ask the singer or the team to send me the song that I would direct. Then, I take my car and drive from Chandigarh (his flat) to Patiala (his parents’ home). I listen to the song on repeat during that trip and build half of the story in between that time or after reaching home. I do some weekly stuff at my house and then drive back to Chandigarh.”, said Parmish Verma in an old interview. 

During that journey of a day or two he creates the whole story and storyline by listening to the song that he would direct, on repeat and finally comes up with the outcome. He then goes on to create the actual scenes and shots on the spot of shooting. However, if it is something that he would forget at the time of shooting or is something tedious, Parmish narrates and makes his team write the respective dialogues and the scenes, and go on to direct them at the time the shooting has to happen.

Parmish always says that he was not good at studies and he only knows Stories, thinking and generating interesting stories and inserting them into music videos. And we do definitely agree and applaud as we are very well aware of his direction and stories he put into songs. 

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Khaab, Gallan Mithiyaan, Aadat are some of his amazing music videos as a director which are not only remembered because of the lyrics or the singer but also because of the superb and beautiful tales those songs have. They are sure to be not forgotten any time soon. Giving the realistic feel to the songs, Parmish definitely knows it and we would surely wish to see him more often as a director now, once again.

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