This Is How Salman Khan Reacted When Asked About His Feelings After Wearing A Turban

The Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is on a promotional tour for his film ‘Antim’ currently. Salman was seen in a turbaned look in a song from the film and since then he is in talks for the same. He is playing a ‘Sikh Cop’ in the movie released freshly. 

During interviews, he opened up about his experiences from the film’s shoot and when he was asked about how he felt wearing a ‘Pagg’ for his role, Rajveer Singh, as a turban signifies a lot about the Sikh community, his reply was very beautiful yet heart touching. 

“It gives you a certain amount of responsibility and you need to be very careful when you are wearing a turban”, said Salman. He has played cop’s role many times before in the films like Wanted and Dabangg but this time it is a bit different as Rajveer Singh in Antim is a Sikh cop.

He further added, “Wearing the turban and playing a sardar, who is a cop, is a huge responsibility. You have to bear in mind that there’s a culture, a certain humility attached with it.”. 

He also talked about the adoption of Punjabi songs into Bollywood films and said that the overall music industry grows very steadily but the Punjabi music industry has paced up in its growth and is speeding up very quickly. Salman Khan is finding the Punjabi industry very effective nowadays and was comically seen mentioning of getting into Pollywood being a Punjabi actor soon. 

Anitm, an Aayush Sharma and Salman Khan starrer released in the theaters on 25th November 2021 and Khan is being loved for his yet another versatile role that he has performed in the film. 

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