This Is How Tania Reacted When She Was Asked To Do The Role Of Majaz Kaur In Qismat 2

This Is How Tania Reacted When She Was Asked To Do The Role Of Majaz Kaur In Qismat 2

The recent hit release of the Punjabi industry, Qismat 2 is what everyone is talking about. The sequel of the amazing film, Qismat is being equally loved by the audience and has blown away the box office with the superb response. And if we talk about what was the most talked about thing from the film among all? It was Tania’s unrevealed character before the release of the film which was super hyped as she was directly seen in theaters, not even in the trailer. 

Punjabi actress Tania had a good screen space in Qismat as compared to Qismat 2. But what still made her do this small role in the second part of the film? It is her attachment with the film and the crew members. Qismat was Tania’s debut film in the Punjabi industry which gave her recognition among the audience as ‘Aman’. 

The director of Qismat & its sequel, Jagdeep Sidhu freshly shared a heartfelt post with a sweet note for Tania who played Majaz Kaur in Qismat 2. Sharing the post he mentioned that Majaz Kaur just had 7-8 scenes in the film, to which the film’s team responded that it was not relevant to offer this small role to Tania and why would she do it after her superhit debut film as a lead, Sufna. But when asked to Tania, she responded very sweetly. She said, “My journey started with Qismat and I want to stay a part of it no matter how small or big the character is’. This caught Jagdeep’s nerve as she proved her honesty towards her work and surpassed the length of the character or how big a star she is. 

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Majaz Kaur will forever be remembered whenever the audience remembers about Qismat 2. She has a totally different appearance in this movie as compared to the first part or any other punjabi movie of Tania. She came out of her comfort zone and showed that she is an actor first than a star. 

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