This Man From Indore Wins The Internet As He Comes Forward To Serve Frontline Workers & Needy

While the world is fighting global pandemic COVID-19, there are some people who are offering their best possible help to the world too. 

In this story we will let you know about Shubham Vijayvargiya from Indore who has come forward to serve frontline workers, policemen and needy people. 

Shubham and his selfless efforts are currently viral on Social media platforms. In some recent viral videos of Shubham, he was seen serving refreshment drinks to policemen on duty.

He has shared multiple videos on his Instagram account in which he with his team is helping needy people. 

There are many such videos on his Instagram account which are winning the hearts of people. Netizens are blessing Shubham for his initiative and good deeds.

He is serving needy and helpless people with food, fresh fruits, drinks, refreshments and more. 

He has not set a specific bar for helping as he is not only helping but also serving people & frontline workers like policemen.

The internet and people are highly appreciating him. People with big hearts like him are rare but not impossible to find. 

Recently, Rajneet Nath, a man from Nagpur also set an example of humanity as he serves 150-170 stray dogs everyday.

Nagpur Man Rajneet Nath Is Ruling On The Internet For His Heart-melting Deeds

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