THIS Pakistani actress criticized Shahrukh Khan; Said he is not a good actor

Recently, a Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch made some shocking and controversial statements after which netizens had started trolling her. Mahnoor said that Shahrukh was neither conventionally handsome nor does he possess any exceptionally well acting skills that his fans are crazy for. She also said that Shahrukh Khan’s career has been great because he marketed himself very well. She said this while giving an interview on Samaa TV. 

After this SRK’s fans took to the internet and started trolling her and criticising the Pakistani actress. Mahnoor has worked in several Pakistani TV shows and movies. 

The moment her interview got uploaded on YouTube, Mahnoor received major backlash from Shahrukh Khan’s fans. One fan wrote 

“I think she is trying to gain popularity by mentioning Shah Rukh. He is better and way more successful than you. He would never give this kind of remark to anyone, so he is also a better person than you”.

Another SRK fan commented, “You and your opinion don’t even matter.” Other fans wrote that Mahnoor’s opinions are “rubbish” and they called SRK ” the kind of expressions”. 

What did Mahnoor say

During an interview in a Pakistani talk show Had Kardi Mahnoor opened up about her opinions related to Shahrukh Khan. She said that SRK has a strong “personality and aura.”

She also mentioned that “Shahrukh Khan has a very good personality, but if you see him according to the beauty parameters and what is considered handsome, he doesn’t come under that. It is just that his personality and aura are so strong that he looks good.”

She further added “It is my opinion about Shah Rukh Khan that he doesn’t know acting. He is a great businessman, he knows how to market himself.”

Mahnoor also admitted that a lot of Shahrukh’s fans will disagree with her but she is firm about her opinions.

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