This Story Will Shock You, Garry Sandhu Has Lost His Voice

Garry Sandhu has been an issue of talk among the fans of Punjabi music lately. The reason behind it is the singer’s voice. Recently, Garry Sandhu uploaded a story on his Snapchat claiming to have lost the touch in his melodious voice. The singer blamed himself for losing his voice.

It is not as if Garry is not able to talk, but he isn’t able to sing the same way he used to. Previously too, the artist had uploaded stories on his Snapchat where he claimed to have lost his voice due to COVID and related issues. 

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He said that he had tried singing in the studio but it wasn’t like the old Garry. The singer had even hinted at leaving the music industry forever, saying that ‘Ishq’ will be his last song ever. And now in the recent Snapchat story, the melody king blamed himself for damaging his own voice.

 According to him, heavy consumption of alcohol in the past few days has caused this damage to his voice. He even took on the people who say that all of this is just an act and Garry’s voice is completely fine.

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Garry Sandhu is unarguably one of the sweetest voices in the industry. His songs have always been the most melodious. The love songs, sad songs, party songs, each and every song of his has been the fan-favourite. This is heartbreaking to know that the singer has damaged his voice and we might now listen him singing a song again.

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