Thor: Love & Thunder Movie Review: Christian Bale & Chris Hemsworth Shine In Lovable But Un-Thunderous Superhero Tale

StarcastChris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, Waititi, Russell Crowe, and Natalie Portman.
DirectorsTaika Waititi
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Thor: Love and Thunder, the movie that Marvel fans were waiting for so long, is finally released at Indian theaters. The fourth installment of Thor is scheduled to be released worldwide on July 8, 2022 but there’s a day early party for Indian audiences as the movie released on July 7th in India. So, If you are a marvel fan and planning to visit the theatres for this new MCU offering, here’s our SPOILER FREE Thor: Love & Thunder review to guide you for the movie.

This comic based superhero movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman & Tessa Thompson in lead roles. The film is directed by Oscar winning director Taika Waititi. Fans were too excited for the comeback of their favorite superhero “Thor” on the big screen after The Avengers Endgame. If you are also excited for this movie, here’s our review to add a few more levels to your excitement level.


From the teasers & trailers the story of the movie was already clear to the fans. The movie is based on the after events of endgame. The big fat Thor from the Endgame has done some superhero workouts and boom! The fit & handsome Thor is back for the new adventures. This time he will face the fierce villain, Gorr: The God Butcher, who has taken a vow to kill all the gods for a reason that you’ll get to know in the very beginning of the movie. The whole story revolves around the face offs  between Thor & Gorr. There are some more fascinating events, if we talk about one without spoiling too much, is when Thor visits the Omnipotent City with Jane, Valkyrie and Korg to meet Zeus, a Greek god. All the fans’ speculations for the face off between Zeus and Thor, fails and something strange occurs that you might find mind-boggling. Ending of this movie is probably the cutest in the MCU history.

The beginning and climax of the story saves the whole movie. Otherwise during the midway, the story feels slow, inorganic and a bit stretchy. The length of the movie was almost the same as the last MCU release “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. Because Doctor Strange’s makers failed to explain many points in the movie clearly due to the reduced time duration, Thor’s fans were worried if the makers would explain the whole plot clearly but the makers have covered all the essential details in the given short movie’s duration. 

Acting & Performance

Marvel’s movies are not very popular for their acting performances. However, almost every actor nails their roles in the comic based movies. In Thor: Love & Thunder, Chris Hemsworth returned as the fan favorite superhero Thor. He again portrayed his superhero gimmick marvelously. His expressions were enough to describe the feelings of our superhero Thor, who is broken from inside but for the world he is the coolest & strongest Avenger (at least Taika Waititi agrees on this).

DC’s Best Batman of all time, Christian Bale is now one of the best ever villains of Marvel Cinematic Universe. From the beginning to the end his performance of Gorr: The God Butcher was out of the world. He will make you cry, he will frighten you, he might kill all the gods alongside Thor but most importantly he will force you to appreciate him. He is not only the best thing in this movie but also one of the finest actors to ever portray any role in the MCU.

Natalie Portman has been making her comeback in MCU screens way too many years. Dr. Jane Foster has got some superhero powers similar to her ex-boyfriend, none other than Thor. She nearly nailed it to perfection in her role of The Mighty Thor. Her on-screen chemistry with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson is a delight to watch. Tessa Thompson again played the role of Valkyrie, The new king of Asgard. Her dialogue delivery and expressions were too strong to maintain the status of A King. 

The character you will enjoy the most throughout the movie is Korg, who kept the fire burning in the movie with his comic punches. Director Taika Waititi himself has played this lovable character. Multiple time oscar winning actor Russell Crowe is in the movie as the Greek God Zeus. Although his role in the movie is for a short duration, he didn’t fail to leave an impact on the fan’s heart. Other supporting cast such as The Guardians of the Galaxy, Jamie Alexander and others were outstanding in their respective parts.

Direction & Writing

Oscar winning director Taika Waititi has directed Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika has also directed “Thor: Ragnarok” too. He is famous for his comical setups for the movie. His style is very much similar to the classic bollywood movies that includes drama, emotion, comedy, an action packed climax and a heart melting ending. He introduced his style of direction in the third installment of Thor, which was a huge success but was criticized by critics too.

This time in Thor: Love & Thunder, Taika followed the same pattern, but unlike Ragnarok, which had a good story and base, Love & Thunder seems to sink in maintaining the balance between humor, emotions and inorganic average story. However, Taika made sure that the audience doesn’t get bored at any minute, so he filled the whole movie with lots of comic punches. Apart from the imbalance between humor and emotions, Taika has again done a good job to entertain MCU’s audience.

BGM & Action

Superhero movies mean action and action supporting background score. Action sequences & choreography in the movie were good but could have been better especially One-on-One combat scenes were completely missing under the shadow of excessive VFX. The fight scene at climax gave goosebumps and pumped the energy in theatres and slow moving story.

Fans were sure that Taila Waititi will not compromise in music after getting a thunderous response for Thor: Ragnarok’s BGM. Music of Love and Thunder was very good. Background score was on the point to support each scene in the movie. At the climax fight scene, you’ll get the Ragnarok’s vibe for sure.

Post- Credit Scene

Marvel movies don’t end when the hero wins but when the post-credit scene shows up. This movie also contains two post-credit scenes. One at the end of first credits and second is at the very last. Credit scenes focus on the Future of Thor, Whether Thor will return or not?


Despite failing at few aspects, Thor: Love & Thunder is definitely a must watch movie. Team Kiddaan rates this Chris Hemsworth Marvel’s movie “Thor: Love & Thunder ” 3.5 Stars out of 5. The deduction in ratings is only due to inorganic & average story and excessive use of humor. But Christian Bale, Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi (Korg) will make sure that you enjoyed this new MCU movie throughout.

Either you are a marvel fan or not, definitely give this movie a watch. You will enjoy this movie from the very beginning to the end. If you haven’t seen Thor: Love & Thunder’s trailer yet, here it is :

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