Times When The Talented Filmmaker Jagdeep Sidhu Did Stand-Up

Jagdeep Sidhu is a name that needs no introduction. With immense success in the Punjabi film industry, the multi-talented personality has won the hearts of millions. His talent proved his mettle in every field he has stepped into.

Despite his success in the film industry, Jagdeep Sidhu’s talents do not end there. Not many individuals are aware that he once performed stand-up during school. 

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Yes, you heard it right! The talented Jagdeep Sidhu once performed a stand-up performance during his school time. In a recent show, Friday Talks, the director described the incident by saying, ‘I was very keen to participate in the school’s annual functions. Still, for some reasons, I couldn’t be part of them, so I decided to be the man who held the stage curtain, and several times whenever there was any issue I backed up the performances and once an incident happened when a performance was delayed. So it was quite a time when the curtains weren’t open, and then I asked my teacher if I could go and perform, and I did stand up at that time, which went pretty well. The performance was very spontaneous but was appreciated by the audience and teachers. Moreover, my father appreciated the performance too.’

This proves that Jagdeep is not only a brilliant filmmaker but also an incredible performer. On the work front, Jagdeep is geared up to entertain the audience with his upcoming movie, “Godday Godday Chaa,” which will hit the big screen on 26th May. It is expected to be another blockbuster hit, continuing his streak of success in the Punjabi film industry.

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