Kapil Sharma’s Co-Star Tirthanand Rao Attempts Suicide Live On Facebook

Kapil Sharma’s former co-star Tirthanand Rao made it to hot news headlines after he attempted to take his life live on Facebook. Yes, the news is shocking and true. Both Tirthanand Rao and Kapil Sharma have worked together in the popular comedy TV show called ‘Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe’. 

The actor and comedian is currently the talk of the town because he was recently caught attempting suicide publically during a live video session on Facebook. He drank poison in order to end his life. It is reported that Tirthanand poured the liquid out in a glass from a bottle of mosquito repellent product and drank it.

Not only this, Tirthanand looked extremely stressed in the live video and continuously blamed his live in partner for the torture and forcing him for the step. He said that his girlfriend is blackmailing him and also accused her of extortion. 

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His live video caught the attention of many including his friends. He was unconscious and rushed to a nearby hospital after his friends reached at his place for help. 

In his official statement to the police, Tirthanand Rao has revealed that he has been in a relationship with a woman since October last year. He also revealed that the lady  has filed a police complaint against him and is forcing him to marry her. Tirthanand also stated that if something happens to him, the woman shall stand responsible for it. 

He also said that he is in a huge debt of almost 3-4 lakh. As reported by officials, Tirthanand said, “The woman is responsible for my financial and emotional state”. 

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The actor has previously also attempted suicide on Facebook live in December 2021.

This time Tirthanand was rushed to hospital at the right time and his health condition is now stable. The news has made headlines and is floating on the social media platforms. 

The other side of the story is unknown till now as there has been no official statement or comments released on the behalf of his live-in girlfriend. The news of his suicide attempt has disturbed netizens as they are sharing their heartfelt throughs and views on the matter.

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