Tohr Review: Sara Khippal, The Queen Of Bhangra Shines In Gurnam Bhullar’s Latest Track

The audience always awaits a track in the unique voice of Gurnam Bhullar. The singer has finally dropped a song officially on Youtube, titled ‘Tohr’. The song has been written, composed and sung by Gurnam Bhullar. V Rakx music has produced the music of the song and Vikram has directed the music video.

Gurnam Bhullar as always has shined in the song. His vocals, lyrics and compositions are always something new to the industry and this time too, he isn’t disappointed at all. His voice has something that makes you want to listen to it again and again!

Rokx has given the song the perfect beat to dance on. The beat makes you want to get on the floor! The video is top-notch too. With ravishing cars and colourful costumes, director Vikram has given Tohr a very appealing video.

What actually grabs your attention this time is the Bhangra team stealing away the spotlight. The female lead of the song, Sara Khippal is a graceful lady and as graceful a dancer. She was the very first woman on social media to start the trend of Giddha videos, earning her the title of ‘The Giddha Queen’. She was then featured in the superhit Air Punjaban series. She hails from  Bathinda, Punjab and is currently a cabin crew for a top airline in Dubai. 

The team in the background stealing the show is actually the Pure Bhangra team, an international Bhangra-based dance group. Sara Khippal leads the group and it is by far one of the most renowned Bhangra groups in the world.

Pure Bhangra team has given us another reason to call the song Tohr a pure hit. Who doesn’t like Bhangra? And the team has completely nailed it off in the latest song. We surely got some steps learned from the group to dance to the song. It is the same Bhangra team that featured in Chris Gayle’s recently released ‘Punjabi Daddy’. The group keeps Punjabi culture and Punjabi folk alive through their art and even taking it to a global stage! 

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