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“Health is Wealth”, you might have heard the proverb various times in your life. And especially in today’s situation of the global pandemic, we realize the importance of the proverb in its truest sense.

To maintain health, obviously, maintaining a well-balanced diet is the priority. Since not everyone can be a master in diets, there are various Dietitians who work professionally to provide people with the best diets for maintaining their bodies. Punjab is also home to some of the world-renowned Dietitians.

List Of Best Nutritionists & Dietitians Of Punjab

Guru Mann

Probably the most famous on the list, people’s trust in Guru Mann has made him a rather famous celebrity. Enjoying a strong following of over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, he is an influencer, a social worker, a bodybuilder, a nutritionist and a Dietitian.

He is also the founder of the supplements brand GM Nutrition and the government-approved MIFI. He also has a youtube channel with over 2.18 million subscribers.

Originally from Amritsar, he resides in San Francisco. He is also the Fitness Brand Ambassador of one of the biggest music labels of the world, T-Series. His diet plans have shown great results among his customers. He has a solution to every problem and his knowledge and experience has made him one of the best nutritionists in the world. 

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Deepti Goyal

Deepti Goyal is a qualified Dietitian helping people in their weight loss and healthy lifestyle maintaining journeys. She provides online consultations and customized diet plans for her customers. In addition to diet plans, she posts videos of recipes of various healthy foods to help people.

Many celebrities too, including Himanshi Khurana and Neeru Bajwa, have invested their trust in Deepti for their diet plans. She is also a member of the reputed Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). 

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Guradesh Mann

A Nutritionist and a physiotherapist, Guradesh Mann enjoys over 37.64k followers on Instagram. He provides online fitness coaching and nutrition knowledge to his customers. He also is the co-owner of the Elite Coaches and Nutrition Academy (ECNA) that certifies various personal trainers and Nutritionists.

The fitness freak is highly qualified, with a Diploma in Orthopedic Medicine. He is also the Dietitian and Gym trainer of Parmish Verma.

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Deepak Sehgal

Deepak Sehgal is the perfect coach you want to go to if you want to lose weight or gain weight. He is a Weight Loss and Weight Gain expert. He has over 18k followers on his Instagram account and his customers can contact him through his website Deepak has achieved over 2100 Successful Transformations only through his online courses. The huge number is enough to define what a master of his field Deepak Sehgal is.

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Dr. Ridhi Khanna

Dr. Ridhi Khanna brings science and fitness together to help people all over the world maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is an M.Sc Gold Medalist in Food & Nutrition. The Medical Dietitian has a solution to every problem you can imagine.

Her vast knowledge of diets and medicine makes her able to carve out the perfect scientific diet plans for weight loss, Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid and many other problems. Visit her website for solutions to any problem.

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Bhavya is a registered Dietitian of India, achieving the feat by clearing the exam in 2021. She provides customized diet plans to people seeking help with various problems. Her Diet plans are always personalized as per the age, weight, sex and other determinants of the customer.

Even in the times of the global pandemic of COVID-19, she is helping people with diet plans to recover from the deadly virus. She is one of the Best Dietitians In Punjab.

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Divya Sobti

Divya Sobti defines herself as the Most Trusted Online Dietitian. She has a whooping 215k followers on Instagram which shows how many people are satisfied with her guidance and have achieved great results.

She provides customized diet plans to customers in over 40 countries. The Fitness expert is a master in Fat Loss, the major problem of the modern world. 

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Garima Goyal

Garima Goyal is another talented Dietitian belonging to Ludhiana, Punjab. The dietitian is not somebody who boasts off her knowledge without any base, she is a well-registered dietitian. She completed her B.Sc (Honours) nutrition and dietetics from PAU Ludhiana.

She’s also featured on Pinkvilla, DNA India, Good Homes, Entertainment times and even the family guardian. Helping patients all over the world with her vast knowledge, she is also making her right contribution to the fight against COVID by crafting out personalized and free diet plans for Covid patients. She is one of the Best Dietitians In Punjab.

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Sehaj is also a Certified Trainer and a Certified Nutritionist. He accepts Direct Message (DM) on his Instagram handle for queries and providing online help to people. He has got positive online reviews from customers in various countries all over the world, like India, Canada, France, Australia, the UK and many more. The fitness trainer also provides online training. 

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Sabina Rana

 Sabina Rana is a total organic dietitian. She doesn’t rely on any sort of supplements or medicines for body transformations and treating her customers to maintain good health. She is a Fat loss and fitness expert. She relies on Home-cooked for maintaining her as well as her customers’ health. She has more than 15.2k followers on her Instagram account. 

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These are some of the best dieticians in Punjab. While Punjab is home to countless dieticians, we have tried our best to bring 10 of them to the public’s notice. It is important to recognize these important parts of society, as they help people maintain their own treasure, their body. 

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