Top 10 Best Romantic Places In Chandigarh For Couples

If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate this special occasion with your partner? Look no further because Chandigarh has it all! So, whether you wish for a romantic sunset or a cozy dinner, this city has plenty of options. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Romantic Places in Chandigarh to visit with your partner. So, our article will be your best friend, whether you’re in the mood for adventure or sweet romantic dates. So, get ready to be swept away by the charm and romance of Chandigarh!

10 Romantic Places In Chandigarh 

1. Sukhna Lake

Location: Sukhna Lake, Sector 1, Chandigarh 160001, India

Timing: 9:00 am To 5:00 pm all days

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Sukhna Lake is a picturesque and serene destination, making it a popular spot for romantic couples. With its tranquil waters and lush greenery, the lake provides a perfect backdrop for a stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one. 

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a romantic sunset, take a boat ride, or simply sit by the lake and enjoy each other’s company, Sukhna Lake is the ideal spot for a romantic getaway. 

Surprise your partner by taking them to one of the most romantic places in Chandigarh. Make memories that will endure a lifetime at Sukhna Lake!

2. Rose Garden

Location: Jan Marg, 16B, Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160015

Timing: 6:00 am To 10:00 pm all days

Entry Fee: INR 50 per person

The Rose Garden in Chandigarh is a blooming paradise perfect for couples seeking a romantic escape. It is one of the most Romantic Places in Chandigarh. This lush garden is filled with colorful roses and lush greenery that sets the stage for a perfect date. 

Take a stroll through the winding paths and admire the different varieties of roses, hand in hand with your loved one. With charming gazebos and tranquil ponds, the Rose Garden is a must-visit for couples who want to experience the magic of love in a picturesque setting. 

Rose Garden is perfect for creating unforgettable memories with your significant other.

3. Garden of Fragrance

Location: fragrance Garden Rd, Sector 36B, Sector 36, Chandigarh, 160036, India

Timing: 5:00 am To 8:00 pm all days

Entry Fee: Free

The Gardens of Fragrance in Chandigarh are an oasis of tranquility that offers the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. As one of the Romantic Places in Chandigarh, this stunning garden is an idyllic destination for couples who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

With intimate seating areas and romantic water features, the Gardens of Fragrance create a serene atmosphere that is perfect for couples to connect and spend quality time together. 

4. Virgin Courtyard

Location: SCO 1A, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh, 160007

Timing: 11:30 am To 11:00 pm all days

Entry Fee: INR 2500 for two people

The Virgin Courtyards in Chandigarh are a hidden gem that offers a romantic escape for couples. 

Enjoy a candlelit dinner at one of the intimate dining areas, or simply relax and enjoy each other’s company while taking in the peaceful surroundings. You will love the experience of good food with a great ambiance.

5. Japanese Garden

Location: PQ3M+RP6, near Japanese Park, Sector 31 A, Sector 31, Chandigarh, 160030

Timing: 10:00 am To 9:00 pm

Entry Fee: Free

In Japan’s style, this park showcases Japanese culture, art, and plant species. This garden has a pagoda tower, a meditation hut, a Zen garden, Buddha statues, a small pond with fictitious crocodiles, a bridge over the pond, and many other attractions. 

The garden has four bodies of water crossed by wooden bridges. The garden looks amazing at night, thanks to Japanese lanterns lighting the walkways, making it one of the most romantic places in Chandigarh. So, pack a picnic basket, grab your loved one, and head to the Japanese Garden for some romantic time.

6. Timber Trail

Location: National Highway -22, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh 173220 

Timing: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entry Fee: INR 1250 per person

Timber Trail Resort is 42 kilometers from Chandigarh and can be reached by cable car from Parwanoo, which is in the magnificent Shivalik Ranges. 

Timber Trail is situated in a tranquil setting surrounded by lush greenery, despite its proximity to the city. And is the ideal spot for spending quality time with your significant other. So take a thrilling ride in the cable car from Parwanoo and take the breathtaking views along the way. It is one of the top destinations to visit in Chandigarh with a partner because it is the best way to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and recharge.

7. Casa Bella Vista 

Location: QQ3P+RVH, 10D, Sector 10, Chandigarh, 160011

Timing: 10:30 am to 11:00 pm

Entry Fee: INR 1700 for two person

Casa Bella Vista is a luxurious and romantic destination that is perfect for couples looking for a special getaway. As one of the romantic places in Chandigarh, this offers amazing food, a world-class ambiance, and an atmosphere perfect for couples. 

Casa Bella Vista is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories with your significant other. So, why wait? Book your table and experience the romance and luxury of Casa Bella Vista.

8. Leisure Valley

Location: 10B, Sector 10, Chandigarh, 160011

Timing: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Leisure Valley, a collection of gardens in the southern part of the city that stretches over 8 kilometers from Sector 1 to Sector 53, is another romantic spot to spend time with your partner. Including Rose Garden, Bougainvillea Garden, and Fragrance Garden, among other themed gardens. 

The entire location exudes a unique charm, offering tranquil surroundings and a serene setting to take a long walk with your partner. It is a must-see in Chandigarh because it is the best-preserved area.

9. Musical Fountain

Location: PQRM+R93, Bridge Market, 17D, Sector 17, Chandigarh, 160017

Timing: 6:00 am to 8:30 pm

Entry Fee: No entry fee

The Musical Fountain show, which showcases the combination of music, color, and laser lights, is an amazing show that is a popular destination for sightseeing and recreation. It is a sight to behold as the fountains move to Punjabi music. 

In sector 17, Chandigarh, you and your partner can have a wonderful time. This musical performance perfectly combines music, lights, and fountain art. However, sector 17 is a very romantic place in Chandigarh to visit with your partner, where you can shop, eat and enjoy.

10. Rock Garden

Location: The Rock Garden of Chandigarh Address: Sector No.1, Chandigarh, 160001, India

Timing: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Entry Fee: INR 30 per person

The main attraction of this garden is sculptures made from recycled ceramic, stone, and rocks. It also has sculptures made from waste and scrap materials like broken pipes, bottles, glasses, tiles, ceramic pots, electrical waste, etc. 

This is one of Chandigarh’s most popular attractions and top places to visit in Chandigarh with a partner because it surrounds a series of interconnected waterfalls and swings that you both can enjoy.

Chandigarh offers an abundance of Romantic Places to visit with your partner. So, why not surprise your partner with a romantic trip to one of the many Romantic Places in Chandigarh? With its breathtaking scenery, peaceful atmosphere, and abundance of romantic activities, you’re sure to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. So, take your love to new heights with Chandigarh.

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