Top 10 old Punjabi Movies, you must watch.

Punjabi Movies have always been a great entertainer and the source of conveying great stories, ideas and messages. We all are crazy cinema lovers. In the era of Tarsem Jassar and Parmish Verma, we all are really aware of every update, but the irony is we never realized what the real beauties of Punjabi Cinema are. Here we are taking you years back, just to let you know about these 10 Punjabi Films, you must watch.

Bhangra (1959)

This was a film which not only rules on theatres but also the hearts of people. This is definitely a must-watch for all because apart from having an amazing storyline, this film also had some great music and songs of all time. Also in lead roles were the beauties, Manju and Nishi.

Kankan De Ohle(1971)

Kankan De Ohle is not just an amazing film, but you must know it the debut film of superstar Dharmendra, in Punjabi Industry. After becoming a superstar in Bollywood, then was the time, Dharmendra came back and decided to work for his roots Punjab. Also, Dharmendra insisted and made it possible for this film, to get a cameo done by Asha Parekh, who was then a leading actress in Bollywood. In fact, there are songs in these films, which are sung by Lata Mangeshkar & Mohd. Rafi as well. We feel there is no excuse left to avoid watching the film, this weekend.

Chann Pardesi (1981)

This film is a product made by Pollywood in the early ’80s, and this film was the debut of many brilliant actors reaching the heights of Bollywood too. This film starred Raj Babbar, Rama Vij, Amrish Puri, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, and Om Puri as well.

Chann Pardesi is indeed one of the finest Punjabi Movies ever made.

Putt Jattan De (1983)

This is a film whose story deals with a love triangle, where 2 men are madly in love with a lady.

Love triangles nowadays are very concept and themes of stories, but that time it was really something unique. This is a classic Punjabi film that broke all the records and definitely was a trendsetter for the industry with a great star cast, including Dharmendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Baldev Khosa, Prakash Gill & many more.

Patola (1988)

Mahaul Theek Hai (1999)

This film of the late ’90s is a story of a couple in love and two corrupt policemen.

You will surely enjoy watching this film because of this highlight many social issues of the society, which still do exist, but with a really entertaining storyline. We must warn you in advance, its just its name that says, Mahaul Theek Hai, don’t expect the story that way.

Shaheed E Mohabbat Boota Singh (1999)

Shaheed E Mohabbat: Boota Singh is sadly a really underrated film. The story revolved around an ex-military man who in life had to marry a Muslim Girl, sell all his land, go to Pakistan illegally and struggle that earns him the title of, Shaheed e Mohabbat. This film is not only a masterpiece of Punjabi Cin ma but also the best film of Gurdas Mann.

Ji Aaya Nu (2003)

Ji Aaya Nu is a film which not only contributed to reviving the Punjabi Film Industry but is also an evergreen hit and a must-watch for every Punjabi. The story of this film is highlighting the mindsets of people living in Punjab who, since then are dedicated to migrating and are especially the craze among the youth to settle abroad.

This film will be a must-watch till the time, people here in Punjab realize, it’s okay to stay here and be productive.

Des Hoya Pardes (2004)

This film starring Gurdas Maan, Juhi Chawla, Divya Dutta, and Anup Soni was indeed a great project, which is proved by the fact that it received a National Award by the government of India.

This story revolves around a man who struggles to live safely in his country, around the time when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards.

Waris Shah: Ishq Da Waaris (2006)

This is one more movie with a national award, and everybody out there who is a lover of art and literature will definitely fall in love with the story if this film.

Inspired from the life of Punjabi Poet Waris Shah, the story revolves around the time when Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb bans music in India because he believes it turns people away from god, musicians go underground.

There are many other films also, which you can watch and enjoy. But watching these will make sure your trip of the old era of Punjabi Cinema is complete for sure.

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