Top 10 Punjabi Meme Pages On Instagram Based On Popularity

Memes are ruling the internet these days. Whether it is for knowledge, to relate to stuff or just for fun, memes help us everywhere and Punjabi meme pages perform the job in the most perfect way. People nowadays use memes to express and therefore it has become a means to share your feelings with everyone and also to spread entertainment worldwide.

Memers put tons of hard work to provide you with content everyday and to keep you updated with everything that is happening around. This article is just an appreciation for the Top 10 Punjabi meme pages or memers who put their all in to keep their audience happy and even face criticism and hatred for the same.

Here Is The List Of 10 Best & Popular Punjabi Meme Pages

1. Punjabi Kalol

Reaching a milestone, this meme page has a freaking list of 144k followers. This punjabi memes based page believes in the motto ‘Kalolan hi ne bus’. From movies to news and cricket to politics, this page has got your entertainment covered from all aspects.

Check out their page here

2. Troll Punjabi Singers

Troll Punjabi Singers or TPS – as the name says, this page is your go to stop for all the trolls and memes related to Punjabi singers. With the list of 22.8k followers, this page is growing rapidly. Light comedy is their forte and your laughter is guaranteed. 

Check out their page here 

3. The AV TV

With a fan base of 28.7k, this page is handled by Avninder Singh. The variety of their memes is not limited to just one particular subject but has a wider area of coverage. They believe in quality content and not just quantity. 

Check out their page here 

4. Kiddaan 

One of the leading and most trending meme pages, they are growing rapidly. With the followers reaching to 40.6K, they are consistently  providing entertaining and informative content with their main focus on news and fun memes. They have their own official website updating you with daily news, scoops, quizzes, gossips and many more. 

Check out their page here

5. Jatt Bible 

This fun and family friendly page does not believe in paying any heed to controversies, rather focuses on spreading positive vibes everywhere. Providing you with news and some motivation in the form of memes, this page has a list of 73.3k followers with Ammy Virk and Tania following this page too. 

Check out their page here 

6. 604 Memes

This page with a very interesting and creative name ‘604 Memes’, calls themselves as ‘Memean di Machine’ (a machine that produces memes). Unlike other pages, they have their own merch with the name ‘604L’. With their fans reaching 19.1K, they are growing swiftly.

Check out their page here

7. Brown Junction

With a very quirky bio on Instagram ‘50% original, 50% stolen’, this budding page has a strong family of 13.5K followers. Their memes are mostly situational and reaction based and their content includes light and fun comedy. 

Check out their page here

8. Nazaare V

Providing you with a daily dose of memes and laughters they have a family of 13.3k. Their content includes punjabi/desi memes, trolls and segments. With their hilarious memes and consistency, they are rapidly growing and will soon reach a milestone.

Check out their profile here

9. Brown Kanjar 

Calling themselves as the masters of Kanjarology and providing lit brown memes to their audiences, they have a huge family of 37.3K followers. They believe in pumping happiness in the hearts of their audience and probably have the most relatable content.

Check out their page here

10. Brown Fam

Your remedy for stress killer, this page provides you with funny and edited videos and daily memes. With their hilarious content and consistency, they have achieved the milestone of 50K followers and there is no stopping them.

Check out their page here 

With the memes trending all over the world, these Punjabi meme pages are working hard to keep up with the competition and to provide you with daily doses of laughter and news and many more. This article is just an appreciation for all their sleepless nights and acknowledging their efforts to entertain their audience. 

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