Top 10 Punjabi Movie Directors Based On IMDb Ratings

Internet Movie Database, or IMDb, has earned its reputation in the world as the most trusted online database for movies. It is the no. 1 spot for the audience looking to watch a movie. IMDb ratings decide what movie we are going to watch today. Originally a fan-operated website, it is now owned by Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon. So, let’s ask IMDb about its top choices for the Punjabi movie directors.

List Of The Best Movie Directors Of Pollywood Industry

Simerjit Singh

Simerjit Singh is the man who gave Punjabi industry, Angrej, for which he also won the PTC Punjabi Awards for the Best Movie Director 2016. Angrej also stands his highest-rated IMDb movie with a rating of 8.6. Nikka Zaildar (7.5), Baaz (7.1) and Subedaar Joginder Singh (7.0) are his highest-rated works as per IMDb ratings and his average rating stands at 6.6. His comedy hits like Nikka Zaildar and Daddy Cool Munde Fool have earned him huge recognition.

Smeep Kang

Smeep Kang is the God of Directing Punjabi Comedy Movies. He has directed the biggest comedy Punjabi movies of all time, and interestingly, has also made features in many of his films. His highest rated work is Carry On Jatta with 8.3 and his other highly rated works include Bhaji in Problem (7.2), Carry On Jatta 2 (6.9) and Lucky Di Unlucky Story (6.8). His average rating stands at 6.5.

Jagdeep Sidhu

The golden man of Punjabi film industry, he has never disappointed Punjabi audiences and has taken it to new heights. One of the most acclaimed directors on the list, Jagdeep Sidhu’s highest-rated Imdb movie is all time Punjabi great, Qismat with a rating of 8.4. All of his other movies are also highly rated like Sufna (8.1), Surkhi Bindi (7.6) and Shadaa (6.3). His average rating stands at 7.6, the highest on the list. 

Amberdeep Singh

Amberdeep does not need an introduction. His directing skills are as refined as his writing and he never fails to deliver his services to Punjabi cinema. This super director’s highest-rated IMDb movie is Lahoriye with a rating of 7.8. With Ashke (6.9) and Bhajjo Veero Ve (7.1), his average IMDb rating stands at 6.9.

Baljit Singh Deo

This director has not only kept his art to directing movies, but has also made his fair contribution to directing music videos of Punjabi songs. His most notable works with high IMDb ratings include Ardaas (8.4), the highest, Jag Jeondeyan De Mele (6.8), his debut as a movie director, Ardaas Karaan (7.7) and Manje Bistre (6.7). His average IMDb rating is 6.3.

Ksshitij Chaudhary

Kashitij Chaudhary is another reason why Punjabi cinema is called a hub of comedy movies. His movies are some of the best in the cinema. His highest rated project by IMDb so far is comedy gold Mr and Mrs 420 (7.2). Other notable works include Vekh Brataan Challiyan (7.1), Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua (7.1) and Uda Aida (6.9) which makes him stand at 6.6 average rating.

Navaniat Singh

The director behind the all-time Punjabi Best, Mel Karade Rabba. Mel Karade Rabba has an IMDb rating of 7.1 and is also the director’s highest-rated work ever. Movies like Dharti (7.0), Shareek (7.2), Singh vs Kaur (6.6) and many more have made him one of the best in the business. His average IMDb rating stands at 6.3, all thanks to his high-rated Punjabi cinema bests.

Pankaj Batra

This man walks the opposite road. While the industry is busy making comedy greats, this man is determined to direct Punjabi movies that go down in history. His highest rated works include Jinde Meriye (7.7), Bambukat (7.6), Sajjan Singh Rangroot (7.6) and Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo (7.4). He has the most number of movies above the 7.0 mark and this has made his average rating come at 6.6.

Vijay Kumar Arora

Vijay Kumar Arora may not have too many movies like the other directors on the list, but the few that he has, are already the best in the industry. His film Harjeeta went on to bag the National Award For The Best Punjabi Film, and is rated at 7.6 on IMDb. Guddiyan Patole stands at 7.2 and Ronde Saare Viah Pichho (RSVP) too has a high rating of 6.8. His average rating is the second-best on the list, which is 7.2.

Harry Bhatti

Harry Bhatti has directed movies that were much needed for the society and current situation in Punjab. With titles like Rabb Da Radio, rated at 8.2, and Sardar Mohammad (7.5), he is also one of the highest-rated directors on the list. His highest-rated IMDb movie is Yaar Anmulle Returns, which is rated 8.4 at IMDb. His average rating is 6.9.

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We hope that you do not have to go look for an IMDb rating every time you want to watch a movie. We have compiled some of the best directors of the Punjabi cinema, and everytime you see their names connected to a movie, you know it is going to be something big. All the directors work extremely hard to bring out the best in front of the audience, these are only the highest rated 10 on the Online Database Website, IMDb. 

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