Top 10 Punjabi songs Modern Brides rocks on!

No doubt marriages are fascinating, but they are a little more for the girls. Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding, since the day, she gains consciousness. She decides what she’ll wear to what she will dance on. So, here is a perfect playlist especially made for the bride, so that she can have fun, no less than the groom.

  • Tera Mera Vyah: 

Jass Manak wrote this beautifully addressing all the dreams of a girl for her marriage. This song has got two versions of it, one is sung by Priya and another by Jass Manak himself. Both are equally amazing.

  • Patt Lae Gaya:

This song of Jasmine Sandlas is the best a bride will enjoy. Not only the song is complimenting the wedding bells, but it also has some kind of very positive vibes in it.

  • Lehenga:

The most viral track of Jass Manak is already in the list of many girls. A bride if want a cool entry can definitely go for this song.

  • Duji Vaari Pyaar:

Sunanda Sharma’s track Duji Vaari Pyaar is a beautiful song that can make the bride feel in love again. Btw, this song will really suit well in your wedding video.

  • Nai Jaana:

Neha Bhasin’s track is slow and charming that beautifully portrays the sweet n salty tantrums of the bride.

  • Kala Chashma:

The remix of Kala Chashma is already a hit at weddings. There is no substitute for this song. A bride entering with the song as Background is no doubt the coolest.

  • Din Shagna Da:

This song went viral after the marriage of Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli. This song’s beauty can not be defined in words, it is just felt.

  • Gallan Mitthiyan:

Mankirat Aulakh’s Gallan Mitthiyan can never go outdated for any bride. This song is coolest for a bride full of swag.

  • Madhaniya: 

Neha Bhasin won our hearts one more with her track Madhaniya. This is a sweet combination of feelings, emotions & gestures all related to a girl and her wedding.

  • Chitta Kukkad:

If you’ve ever listened to Neha Bhasin’s version of Chitta Kukkad, we can bet you never found any other song better than this. This is a classic & beautiful melody.

These songs would have definitely made you feel like grooving and enjoying these songs just right now. Yes, such songs have strong vibes that make you feel like getting married soon. And if you already a bride to be, them these songs would help in creating your perfect & personal playlist.

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