Top 10 Songs In The Voice Of The Internet Sensation Mitika Kanwar

You must have come across various beautiful Instagram reels bringing huge attention to the song used in the background. For an instant, you must have loved Sonam Bajwa’s aesthetic reel on the song ‘Kinvein Mukhde Toh Nazran Hatawa’. And just like most other people you also might have tried to search for that song everywhere. If you are lucky enough you must have discovered the melodious artist Mitika Kanwar already. If by any chance you missed it, we are going to introduce her to you guys. 

Mitika is slowly becoming the favorite of all and has already become an internet sensation. While thousands of people are making Instagram reels using her songs, it is motivating her to continue working.

We are sure that today we will be directing you to various songs which will eventually become your favorite too. Here are the top 10 songs in the voice of Mitika Kanwar that will make you fall in love with her. 

1. Kiven Mukhde To Nazran Hatawan

We cannot really praise the goodness of this song enough. But before we start trying, we believe you need to know this is the same song Sonam Bajwa used in one of her most popular Instagram reels.

But if you really want a bliss for your ears you don’t need a version of a minute or less, what you actually need is the complete song. 

Though Mitika released the song two year ago, it has been picked up now.

This song has the power to get you lost in a magical world. Mitika undoubtedly has complimented the lyrics of the songs with a lot of emotions, which makes the song worth listening to on repeat.

2. Charkha

Charkha is another one of the most beautiful songs in the voice of Mitika Kanwar. But Mitika has gifted her fans with two versions of the same song. 

You might have already listened to this melodious track in the voice of Jaz Dhami & Mitika Kanwar which got released on Jaz Dhami’s YouTube Channel. 

But Mitika has also uploaded her solo version of the track on her YouTube channel. Her acoustic cover of Charkha has also received a lot of love from the fans. Hence we believe you must listen to it as well.

3. Kothe Te Khalo Mahiya

The LoFi version of Kothe Te Khalo Mahiya has earned a lot of love and appreciation by fans on Social media. As more than a thousand people including celebrities like Sonam Bajwa, Bharti Singh and more have already made Instagram reels on this song.

This soulful track will make you realise how beautifully the music and Mitika’s voice are complementing each other. 

Nobody can really find an escape once trapped in the beautiful addiction of this version of Kothe Te Khalo Mahiya. 

4. Batti Baal Ke

Mitika has recently released her version of Batti Baal Ke on her YouTube Channel. After listening to this blissful track it was really difficult for us to accept the fact that this song was prepared in just one hour. 

And trust us when we say that everytime we listen to this song, it makes us fall a little more in love with it. 

Mitika has really done justice to this evergreen track. Her voice has not changed the mood of the song, but only complimented and enhanced the lyrics. We are just astonished to realise that no words can really define the beauty of this version. 

5. Akhiyan Ch Tu Vasda

Mitika’s another LoFi Version we have kept in the list is Akhiyan Ch Tu Vasda. And the love and response this song has received by fans is beyond overwhelming. 

This version proves that Mitika surely knows the art of presenting old folks in the modern times but without making too many changes in its feel and vibe.

Not every artist is blessed with the talent Mitika has. 

6. Koka Karwade Ve Mahiya

Would you believe if we tell you Koka Karwade Ve Mahiya wouldn’t have been a complete version on Mitika’s channel? Actually Mitika had only prepared a short one minute version of this song for her dear friend Nimrat Kahlon. 

But as they say, what’s beautiful attracts people. And the same happened with the short version of this song too. It was too beautiful to be this short and fans demanded for the complete song in Mitika’s voice. That’s it. Mitika decided to make the fans’ wishes come true and prepared this immediately.

7. Jind Mahi, Laung Gawacha & Kale Rang Da Paranda mashup

What happens when we can’t choose any one among our multiple favourites? We usually choose all of them. And the same is portrayed in this mashup that Mitika created for her fans. She has covered the very popular Jind Mahi, Laung Gawacha and Kale Rang Da Paranda for creating a new magic. 

Listening to this mashup in her voice make us believe this mashup couldn’t be any more beautiful. 

8. Chan Kithan

You will agree that Mitika is an epitome of inspiration when you’ll get to know Mitika made this extremely beautiful version of the very popular ‘Chan Kithan Guzaari’ when she was affected by Coronavirus. In such a time when people usually lost hopes and were worried, Mitika used the time and her energy to prepare such a soulful song for her fans.

Not everyone knows the art of fighting tough situations with such positivity. But Mitika surely does. 

9. Tasveer Bana Ke

If you’re sad, upset or trying to keep things around you on a hold, Mitika has helped you out with this rendition of Tasveer Bana Ke. 

You can listen to this heart-touching song on Mitika’s YouTube channel. And we can bet it’s going to make your soul calm and mind find peace. 

Think of a room, with low or no lighting, no noise, calm surrounding and Mitika’s song? That’s surely the mood we all crave for time after time. 

10. Kehnde Ne Naina

How beautiful is the fact that Mitika’s singing sounds so heartfelt yet effortless. Listening to her makes us wonder how a person can sing such pieces of art so effortlessly. 

Kehnde Ne Naina is the last but not the least in today’s list of top 10 songs in Mitika Kanwar’s voice. 

If listening to her gives you a sure thought that one day she is going to rock and rule the Punjabi Music Industry, we are sending a high five on your way. 

We are very sure about the fortune but we know god must have planned a lot more for the melody queen. 

It’s not at all wrong that all of these songs are worth listening to on a loop. We’re sure these songs have impressed you too and made you realise how beautiful the voice that Mitika has. 

Though we helped you out with the top 10 songs in her voice these are not all. Because you can discover more beautiful melodies on her official YouTube channel like Madhaniya, Aao Huzoor Tumko, Neend Na Aave and more. The link to her YouTube channel is mentioned as follows,

Mitika Kanwar YT Channel

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