Top 10 Songs Of Goldy Desi Crew Which Prove He Should Surely Be A Mainstream Singer

Desi Crew’s Goldy Kahlon who is mostly talked about for the music that he and his mate give to the songs is also an amazing singer. He has not lent his voice in many songst, but whatever he has contributed as a vocalist in the songs has been wonderful and much appreciated. 

Goldy Desi Crew has done a dozen of songs as a singer and has lived upto the expectations of the people with them. He is mostly seen in the music videos along with his dear friend Parmish Verma but have you noticed his songs as a singer too! You surely must have!

Check out the Top 10 songs of Goldy Desi Crew as a vocalist rather than just being the music director. 

  1. Dasi Na Mere Bare
  1. Teri Yaad
  1. Gulab ft Dilpreet Dhillon
  1. Note Muqabla ft Gurlej Akhtar
  1. Sade Munde Da Viah
  1. 2-2 Peg
  1. Jetha Putt
  1. Don’t Like ft Karan Aujla
  1. Kise De Kol Gal Na Kari
  1. Rang Di Pakki
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