Top 10 Songs Of Gur Sidhu, The Man Who Brought A Different Music Wave In The Industry

Gur Sidhu made his debut in the Punjabi Music Industry with the song ‘Moved On’ in 2019. And after that, all we saw was a different wave of music brought in the industry, quality of music we had never heard before and that made Gur Sidhu one of the biggest names in the music producers of the modern Punjabi industry.

Today, there isn’t a single artist this man hasn’t worked with and he is giving hits after hits. Not only in the field of music production, but Gur Sidhu did not take much time to establish himself as a singer too. His features are always the elevation points of the songs. We bring you a list of Top 10 Songs By Gur Sidhu : 

8 Parche 

Vaddi Galbaat



Above All


Gang Life



Sau Putt


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