Top 15 Songs For The Ones Who Are ‘Majhail’ By Heart

It can often be difficult to show love for your region and birthplace to others. But songs have the power of conveying your feelings, intentions and fondness effortlessly. In other words, songs can serve as a potential siphon for your feelings.

And we have many artists and singers who show their love for their regions through art and songs. And since Punjab has different dialects: Malwa, Majha and Doaba, today we have brought for you a list of songs that have mention of Majha and are for Majhail lovers. 

Special Playlist For People Of Majha

Majha Block – Prem Dhillon

Majhe Wal Da – Nimrat Khaira & Amrinder Gill

Majha Malwa Doaba – Misaal & Gurlez Akhtar

Majhe Aale – AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon

Fully Loaded – Tegi Pannu & Manni Sandhu

Majhe Wale – Baani Sandhu

Majhail – AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill & Manni Sandhu

Majhe Di Jatti – Kanwar Chahal

Old Skool – Prem Dhillon Ft. Sidhu Moosewala

Majha Side – Wazir Patar

Elevated – Shubh

Ki Karde Je – Nimrat Khaira & Arjan Dhillon

Untouchable – Tegi Pannu & Manni Sandhu

Maajhe Diye Mombatiye – Balkar Sidhu & Jenny Johal

Straight Outta Majha – Navaan Sandhu 

P.S. – If you are not from Majha region or Punjab, and are music lovers then you too can listen to these listen to these songs.

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