Top 25 Best Punjabi YouTubers Based On Popularity

Some of the most popular punjabi youtubers proves that YouTube is not only fun but can be a great career opportunity as well. YouTube had been launched as an online video entertainment platform in 2005, and has been introducing us to the best youtubers since then. It has now become the perfect spot for talented people to showcase their talent as content creators and, in turn, get paid and become famous. The platform has given the country big content creators. Many of these content creators are Punjabi too. Do you know who are some of the best and most subscribed Punjabi YouTubers? Let’s take a look at this list to know :

List Of 25 Best & Popular Punjabi YouTubers

The Modern Singhs (1.21M Subscribers)

The Modern Singhs is one of the most subscribed Punjabi-based Youtube channels on the platform. A cute little family of a couple and the cutest child in the world making vlogs about their life, how can people not subscribe to them. Abbey Singh and Money Singh are the main creators on the channel and their son Noah appears in most of the videos too. 

If you don’t want to miss out on the words and phrases they use in Punjabi during their vlogs, consider learning Punjabi. This will not only enhance your understanding of their videos, but also cultivate a greater appreciation for Punjabi culture and language.

Mr. and Mrs. Narula (973k Subscribers)

Another beautiful couple on the list. Sam Narula and Reet Narula together run this vlogging channel of more than 973k subscribers. The couple started their career through short-video app TikTok and as they gained popularity on the platform, they shifted to Youtube. And Youtube is also a similar story to them. 

Davis Dosanjh (170k Subscribers)

Davis Dosanjh may not be the most subscribed Punjabi youtuber on the list, but the guy does not fall short of talent at any corners. His content mainly focuses on “Roasting”, a form of humour in which a particular thing is subjected to jokes. But Davis’ art is not merely making jokes, in the shadow of light humour and funny jokes, the creator makes huge social points. It is good to see when somebody with a huge following makes important points for the betterment of the society and Davis is an example.

Jaspreet Singh (1.06M Subscribers)

Jaspreet Singh is a stand-up comedian, with over a million subscribers. 1 million is considered to be a huge milestone in number of subscribers and Jaspreet has achieved it already. You never underestimate an engineer-turned-comic, the man has already been through enough life of jokes to make a career out of them. This talented artist from Amritsar has taken his art to an international level and you cannot name a place he hasn’t received a standing ovation at. 

Geet Nation (53k Subscribers)

Yes, the guys who featured on Sidhu Moosewala’s “Tibbeyan Da Putt”. But this is not the only reason they are successful. The channel mainly features DeeJay Dhillon with his friends, focussing on reacting to various Punjabi songs and reviewing them. It also prepares various lists, such as the best newcomer in the industry etc., timelines of various Punjabi celebrities, entertaining games and much more. It is a powerhouse of entertainment for Punjabi music fans.

JaanMahal Video (876k Subscribers)

Another vlogging Punjabi-based channel on the list. Punjabis love to vlog and people love to watch Punjabis vlogging. But, JaanMahal videos is not just a vlogging channel, the creator is also known for making some of the best Short Punjabi Movies/films. The man is blessed with a lovely family, and why wouldn’t you want to film them?

Toxic Mavi (714k Subscribers)

It’s such a happy feeling to know there are Punjabis who have achieved heights in esports too. Harman Deep Singh is a professional esports mobile player, who mainly competes at national and international level Pubg Mobile based esports tournaments. Originally from Sangrur district of Punjab, Mavi has made his name as one of the best pubg mobile players in the world. On Youtube, he livestreams regularly, and you cannot watch the stream without headphones and controlling your laughter.

Sardar’s Take (29.9k Subscribers)

Sardar’s Take mainly focuses on observing various elements in the latest Punjabi hits and performs his job as a critic. The man has a strong take against gun culture, racism and other social evils glorified in Punjabi songs, and he guides his audience to the same path too, the same often puts him in hot soup. The audience is still divided on whether such level of criticism is required or not?

Sangtar Singh (55.9k Subscribers)

Sangtar Singh is the worst choice if you are taking up a NOT TO LAUGH challenge. You cannot stop yourself from laughing at this man’s art. Along with making the funniest videos you will ever see, his videos are also a very smart satire on various social evils like casteism and others. Many of his videos on Punjabi songs, brown parents have gone viral.

Bir Ramgarhia (759k Subscribers)

The Dapper Sardar is as famous on Youtube as he is on Instagram. He is a Blogger and Influencer, who mainly rose to fame through Instagram reels. Then he started his work as a vlogger on Youtube and his subscribers and view count reveals everything about his success.

GiLL (123k Subscribers)

When a list about important figures is made, it is important to include people who are doing something completely different from everyone else. Esports is something that was completely unknown in India 2-3 years ago. But now it is an important industry. Arshpreet Singh is a young PUBG mobile player from Amritsar who has too achieved great heights in esports. He mainly attracts audiences from montages of his performances in international and national tournaments.

Rimple Rimps (108k Subscribers)

Another roaster from the Punjabi community. Rimple Rimps is one hell of an artist. His roasts are completely irresistible, if you get the notification about his video, you click on it, No Other Option! The support that this man received was a testimony of how true art can never be not-loved.

Jus Reign (973k Subscribers)

It’s been over 2 years since this artist last uploaded a video on Youtube. But we haven’t let him forget we always love him. His videos are a dose of laughter. One of his videos “In Defense Of T-series” got very viral during the T Series vs Pewdiepie subscribers clash. His fans want him to return as soon as possible. If you are reading this Jasmeet, please come back. 

Manpreet Toor (1.24M Subscribers)

The definition of elegance – Manpreet Toor. She is a master of various dance forms. The beauty of her art is clear by the fact that she is one of the most subscribed Punjabi youtubers on the platform. Whenever she comes on the floor, it is a treat to watch her perform. She also runs online classes for people aspiring to become dancers. When you are good at something and you help people in it, there’s nothing better than that.

Harshdeep Ahuja (875k Subscribers)

Harshdeep Ahuja is another Punjabi man doing what Punjabis do the best, Making everyone laugh. Harshdeep makes videos with various characters and it’s special. What is special in making videos with various characters? He plays the roles of all the characters in his video, himself. He is the dad, the mom, the child, everything in his videos.

Punjabi Vlogger (575k Subscribers)

As the name very clearly suggests, Maninder Singh runs a Punjabi Vlogging channel on Youtube. He tries to make people aware about how life is in Canada for Indians and especially Punjabis. His videos are a must watch for his cute little family.

Flop Youtuber (161k Subscribers)

Another vlogger on the list. Flop Youtuber is by no means what his channel name suggests. He is a complete hit on Youtube. His lively personality, clean style of vlogging, trips and friends make his vlogs a must watch for everyone. His beautiful and emotional poetry gives us another reason to watch his videos.

Aman Aujla (732k Subscribers)

Aman Aujla too creates funny videos for his audience, but in a style you cannot imagine. The genius of this man is so underrated. He uploads various vlogs on his channel too. His personality in itself is so refreshing to watch. His “Phone Roast Videos” wherein he creates bogus fights between Punjabi celebrities are viral on social media and one should surely visit his channel for them.

Katapa TV (71.9k Subscribers)

Katapa Tv is a different world. Once you start watching his videos, there’s no going back. He mainly does funny Pranks on his channel. But do not underestimate Katapa Tv, the pranks aren’t like the regular kids’ pranks. You will surely crack up with laughter watching his videos. The man is a complete entertainer.

MannChann Vlogs (190k Subscribers)

MannChann vlog is the sweetest Punjabi Youtube channel you’ll ever come across. “Mann” for Mandeep and “Chann” for Chann Kaur, the couple captures their everyday lives on camera and the audience loves to watch them together. Mandeep is also a Music Director while Chann is also a singer.

Prince Dhimann (500k Subscribers)

Punjabis are born comedians. Prince Dhiman is just another example of it. He mainly creates roast videos on Punjabi celebrities. His videos are sure to put you into a dilemma, how does he find these clips and make a video out of it! And it makes everyone laugh!! His Phone Roast Videos are also very famous on social media.

Being Sardar (408k Subscribers)

While most of the Punjabi channels are supplying its audience with quality comic content, “Being Sardar” tries to do something different. In addition to creating funny videos, he creates cover videos of various Punjabi songs along with his friends. The quality, the acting, the humour, the style, the guy’s got everything it takes to be a star.

Bhangralicious (299k Subscribers)

Another dance-based Punjabi Youtube channel. Amreen Gill does complete justice to the beautiful dance form of Bhangra. Bhangra is an emotion to Punjabis. Anybody who can do great Bhangra, is a Punjabi, no matter where you are born. And Amreen is a master of it.

Simranjeet Patwalia (70k Subscribers)

Girls beware of this guy. He is sure to melt your hearts. Simranjeet Patwalia is US based youtuber who makes Punjabi vlogs. His Carpool karaokes with Punjabi celebrities are something to watch out for. His Carpool Karaoke with Karan Aujla and Parma Music had specifically gone very viral.

Harshdeep Singh (342k Subscribers)

With over 3 lakh subscribers on Youtube, this Punjabi YouTubers & boy has achieved so much in just a short span of time. He too creates funny roast videos on Punjabi singers. His Pubg and Free Fire videos featuring various Punjabi celebrities is his exclusive content.

Birring Productions (825k Subscribers)

While every Punjabi creator is unique and has exclusive content, Birring Productions is the most unique out of them all. His content makes the viewer question, how did he think of this? The channel creates animated videos, mainly using the video game “GTA V” and makes cover videos of Punjabi songs using them. His content is very unique and for the same reason is viral on social media.

It is not possible to include all the Punjabi Youtubers as it would take a lifetime doing that. Though there is no doubt Punjab is a centre of honest and hard working talents, we have tried to recognize 25 of those.

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