Top 5 Battle Royale techniques you should use!

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We all have been hitting our heads around, trying to get some additional victories in Battle Royale games. Whether it may be avoiding unnecessary defeats or fighting over the odds, there is always a way to overcome the circumstances. It doesn’t matter what game you play games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, or Free Fire. All share similar Mechanics.

We have got 5 techniques that will you get those additional victories, no matter what game you play.

Number 5: Pre-Firing

Rather than worrying about having extra ammo to lose, if you lose use that particular ammo and pre-fire your weapons before entering a specific building. Pre-fire is one of the oldest tactics that originating in the gaming industry for a long while now. It is a situation where a player shoots a weapon well in advance and then align the shot towards the opponent once on sight, this may work if you have enough rounds in your mags or if you don’t starve on ammo. The pre-fire concept is really helpful if you assumed the possible location of the opponent. this method works very well since you won’t have any delay to fire because you have already been shooting down. Whereas the opponent sees you all of a sudden and has no time to react.

Number 4: Late-Movement

The key to master endgame movements is, to be late. You need not rush to the zone as it appears. Late movement helps you analyze the number of opponents around you which will later assist to pick up easy eliminations. Players who are already in the zone will leave no opportunity behind to take down opponents, who are attempting to enter the safe zone. So you shall attempt to move towards the zone a bit late than usual.

Well this isn’t a solution but it may increase the odds.

Number 3: Prone Tactic

Thinking about going prone in a gunfight may sound like a dumb idea but mind not it helps out exceptionally. Yes, you have heard it right this tactic is used by top tiers players while the opponents are left doubtful. The main perk of this technique is that the enemy endangers your player as dead, and this is the place where you can fire back towards the opponent and smartly win over the gunfight.

The technique not only decreases the chances of getting headshot by the opponent but also helps you control over the recoil of your weapon, thanks to the prone recoil control mechanic that every modern game features nowadays.

Number 2: Third-Party

Whether you may have encountered this situation or you may have performed it on an opponent team, there is almost no chance this technique isn’t well used. Third-Party engagement is a type of gunfight which occurs when two opponent teams are already in a battle and your team takes part in it and gets down either the winning team of the battle or even both the teams. 

Third-Parties is a traditional method of Battle Royale that has been naturally occurring for a long while, but don’t let go any opportunity behind to do it on purpose and grab away the fruitful rewards.

Number 1: Gate Keeping

“We shall work with what we have”, sometimes we own something that everyone claims as their luck. Well, it is more of an opportunity by which you can increase your chances of winning the match.

All you have to do is scan for a safe place to take shots from and encounter fights against players outside the safe zone. You’re just attempting to make their game a bit more challenging by restricting their entry in the safe zone. if done correctly opponent either dies by the moving zone or by the gunshots.

That’s it on this topic guys, this article is directly written by a Gamer which ensures the content to be useful. We hope to see you at the battleground using these techniques.

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