Top 5 Gaming Devices to purchase to spend a good time.

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Nowadays, where gaming is rising its demand there are a lot of options to look for your ideal gaming device. There are a lot of questions to be forward while purchasing a gaming device, why take the hassle? Our team is here to help you with that.

The following are the top 5 gaming devices that provide the perfect value for the amount of money spent. These devices range in various categories such as performance, portability, reliability, and value.

5. Nintendo Switch lite  Rupees 14000

Starting up with number 5, we have Nintendo Switch lite which comes up with these major features: 

Local wireless

By which you can link up to eight Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems together to play multiplayer games anywhere & anytime.

Online play

Apart from local multiplayer, Like its predecessor, Nintendo Switch lite comes with an online multiplayer too. by which you can Team up or face off with others online.


The Nintendo Switch Lite is very Portable, thanks to its compact and lightweight design which even fits in your pocket which means you can game on the go.

Built-in Controllers

This device comes up with controllers attached to it unlike its predecessor the Nintendo Switch or any PlayStation or Xbox titles. these controllers are a highlight towards the portability and durability of the device

Attractive Colors

Switch lite straight comes with four color options to choose from. Colors like yellow, blue, or red attract the attention of the younger audience.

Wide Range of Game titles

Being tiny and slim no one may have wondered how much this device is capable of gaming experiences. The Switch lite comes with many game titles that function smoothly and in good resolution where the performance is not compromised.

4. Xbox One S Rupees 18000

At number 4 we have got Xbox One S, The Xbox One S is so-called the lite version of the Xbox One device, rather than paying a greater amount for the Xbox One, we would recommend you to go for the Xbox One S due to the following benefits.

Massive storage

In contrast with the portable gaming devices, this machine comes with a massive 1 Terabyte storage within which you can store your games and files.

4k HDR support

The Xbox One S comes with 4k HDR support which means you can stream 4k videos directly to your tv with the additional support of Bluray.

Gigantic Game Library

This machine is an exclusive Microsoft device comes up with a lot of games, tv shows, and movies collection.

3. Nintendo Switch Rupees 23000

Coming up at number 3 we have a predecessor of the Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo Switch Version 2 roughly costs around 23000 rupees which is fair enough for its superiority of performance in comparison with the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Bigger Library

Nintendo Switch comes up with a greater collection of games on its store. There are way more games available on this device you could not afford to miss.

Detachable Controllers

The Nintendo Switch comes up with a pair of detachable joysticks that can be even replaced upon desire.

Display modes

The Switch can be used in up to three different styles. The Tabletop where the controllers are handheld and the switch is placed on a flat surface. The Tv Mode in which the device is directly connected to the television, and lastly the handheld mode similar to the Switch Lite.

High Definition Screen

The Switch comes with a huge 6.2inch 720p Screen which cannot stop you to not have dig in every single penny you have spent.

2. PlayStation 4 Slim Rupees 24000

We all in our lives may have easily heard about sony’s one of the most successful platform the Playstation.

The Playstation 4 had been a massive hit since its launch, but we have a got a more immeasurable deal in relation to Playstations, The PS4 Slim offers a very small and a compact design.

Why are you even confused yet, we all know that PlayStation has one of the biggest networks out there! whether it may be the majority of your friends already holding a PS4, and now you have an opportunity to join in with your friends using the PlayStation network.

You can chat, watch or even play along with your friends using the PlayStation Network features.

Bulky Game Library

The Playstation library shows its preponderance over all the other networks out there by its exclusive PlayStation only game titles. We all know how big of a hit “God of War” and “The Last of Us” was, well you wouldn’t believe those games are only available on the Playstation Network.

Being a rival of the Xbox One S at the same price point we would still recommend the Playstation 4 Slim considering its Huge Library and compact design.

1. PlayStation 4 Pro Rupees 31000

PS4 Slim is overall above expectations performing device, but what if we tell you that we have something that is quite aggressive in its performance as well as flexibility threshold.

The PS4 Pro comes with a Gigantic 1 Terabyte storage which is simply upgradable from third-party stores since you gonna need a lot of space for the 4K HDR gaming.

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