Top 10 Controversial Statements By Bollywood Celebrities On Koffee With Karan

The popular celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan has enjoyed immense popularity and great positions on the TRP charts. But as per Karan’s recent announcement, the show will not be returning on TV anymore. 

Yes, Karan took it to his social media handles where he shared an ‘important announcement which turned out to be the end of Koffee With Karan. 

The news left all the fans disheartened as the superhit show was a way for them to know celebrity secrets, off-screen stories and a lot more about their favorite stars. But soon after Karan’s post made headlines, he released another announcement revealing that Koffee With Karan will not return to TV, but it will be exclusively streamed on Hotstar. The way Karan announced the new season of his show was super unique as it first surprised the fans and then let them breathe in relief.

The show is the platform where various controversies have occurred. And we have collected the top 10 controversies from Koffee With Karan, which made headlines and started debates on social media. 

Top 10 Controversies Of Koffee With Karan 

When Deepika Padukone Said Ranbir Kapoor Should Endorse Condoms

Who isn’t aware of the ugly break-up of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor? In the third season of Koffee With Karan, Deepika Padukone attended the show with Sonam Kapoor. And since both of them were ex-girlfriends of Ranbir Kapoor, they had fun roasting him on the show. 

While Sonam Kapoor said, ‘Ranbir is a great friend but I don’t know if he’s a great boyfriend. I have known Ranbir all my life and as a boyfriend, I don’t know, I mean, she (Deepika) did a great job hanging onto him for so long.’.

Deepika Padukone ranked Ranbir lowest based on actors’ sex appeal., also stated that she’d like to gift him a packet of condoms as he uses them too often. 

Their statements gave rise to a controversy as Rishi Kapoor lashed out at the actresses. He said they should stop giggling and concentrate more on their career. Also, Rishi said that they are invited to shows because of their parents, not because of their own work. 

Kangana Ranaut’s Harsh Comments On KJo And Nepotism

Kangana Ranaut, the queen of controversies made headlines due to a controversy in KJo’s show Koffee With Karan as well. In the show, she slammed show’s host Karan and accused him of being the flag bearer of nepotism. 

She also took various digs at how Bollywood Film Industry works and made bitter statements on nepotism too. Her statements went viral and the internet was left divided. 

Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s Inappropriate Sexual Comments 

Nobody can forget how viral Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s sexist remarks on the show Koffe With Karan were. It was all around the internet, and everyone was talking about them.

Though Rahul kept his calm and was very choosy of words to speak for a show, Hardik was overjoyed and said a lot of inappropriate stuff.

Hardik talked about the first time he had sex and how openly he revealed the same to his parents by saying ‘Aaj Main Karke Aaya Hai’. And not only this, he also made various remarks about the female body and how he likes watching them move. 

All that he said triggered many and invited massive criticism for him. He and his partner KL Rahul were also put on provisional suspension after their appearance on the show. They were told to go back home from Australia. 

Ranveer Singh’s Sexist Comment To Anushka Sharma

The Band Baaja Baarat co-stars Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma were guests of Karan Johar’s show Koffee With Karan in 2011. And while they were discussing the things female and male fans do, Ranveer Singh said that he loves cloth tearing and ass pinching from girls.

To this, Anushka asked why don’t men express as much as girls do? And to this Ranveer replied to her by saying, ‘You want your ass pinched? I’m right here’. 

This left Anushka surprised and she immediately asked Ranveer not to talk to her like that. Though it was a fun conversation between the actors, it did not go well with the netizens. 

When Sonam Kapoor Defined ‘Good Actors’ In Most Problematic Way

Sonam Kapoor’s vision and definition about good and bad actors surely is debatable. In an episode of Koffee With Karan, she said, “If you are not good looking, they think you’re a good actor.” 

She also added, ‘Just because you look ordinary and talk loud doesn’t mean you are a good actor.’

This statement by Sonam offended various fans and actors. Even Kangana Ranaut had a hard-hitting reply to the actress as she said, ‘Sonam has said that people who act well are ugly, I have heard. So, do I get the crown of being the ugliest person because after watching Queen, people have been telling me that I act really well. So according to Sonam, I am the ugliest actor in Bollywood today. Well, I accept that with all the gratitude and humility.’

Ranaut also said, ‘Sonam really needs to get her facts right about acting. Actors aren’t models. It’s a different technique to convey expressions and emotions and it has got nothing to do with the looks. And we should have a variety of actors just for the sake of casting. We don’t have right casting in our country. It’s high time we get rid of this six-pack brigade and glamorous looking people’.

Kareena Kapoor & Priyanak Chopra’s Cat-Fight On Fake Accent

Both Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Nick Jonam appeared on the Karan Johar show together and acted all well until Johar asked Bebo if she had any questions for PC. 

Kareena bluntly said, ‘Why does she have that accent?’ and to this offended Miss Chopra immediately replied back by saying, ‘I got it from the same place where her boyfriend got it from.

The video of this little catfight went viral on social media, and rather than making comments on this, people actually enjoyed it. 

When These Actresses Were Targetted For Surgeries

It was not once but twice when an actress became the highlight of the show after she was targeted for surgeries. 

In the fourth season of Koffee With Karan, Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Batt attended the chat show. And when in the rapid-fire round Hashmi was asked to answer with one word whatever comes to his mind about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, he said, ‘plastic’. 

This remark did not go well with Aish, and she said that the worst she has ever heard about herself is being called fake and plastic. 

Apart from Aish, Preity Zinta was also targeted once. In an episode when KJo asked Tushar Kapoor which actress comes to his mind when he says botox, Tushar replied by (obviously) Preity Zinta. 

Preity did not feel good about what Tushar said, and the latter also apologized for the same. 

Mahesh Bhatt’s Opinion On Bollywood’s Most Overrated Director

It is hard to digest but Mahesh Bhatt had an unacceptable answer when he was asked about the most overrated directors of Bollywood Film Industry. 

When Karan Johar asked his opinions on the question, Mahesh Bhatt said that according to him, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the most overrated actor.

The irony is the fact that Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Alia has recently done a film ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ with Bhansali and stated it was his dream to work and being directed by the ace director. 

When Twinkle Khanna Compared Husband Akshay Kumar To Khans

When Twinkle Khanna and her husband Akshay Kumar were invited to Koffee With Karan, a comment by Twinkle Khanna made headlines. Though it was super funny, many fans found it weird and disgusting. 

Karan asked Twinkle to tell one thing that her husband has but the Khans don’t. And to this, Twinkle said, ‘some extra inches.’

This left both Akshay and Karan embarrassed, and hearing this reply Karan stared at Akshay’s crotch. Seeing this, Twinkle said, ‘I meant his shoe size and not what you’re thinking.’

Anurag Kashyap’s Advice To Kareena Kapoor Khan

Anurag Kashyap openly roasted Kareena Kapoor Khan when Karan Johar asked him if he has any advice for Kareena. Anurag said, ‘Next time you shouldn’t ask who is in the film, you should ask what is the film?’

These were the biggest controversies that occurred in Karan Johar’s show Koffee With Karan. The fans now are upset as they were eagerly awaiting the next season of the show.

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