Top 35 Best Punjabi Music Video Directors (Updated 2023)

Today, Punjabi music video directors have become important because, in the modern Punjabi Music Industry, almost every song releases with its official video. As such it becomes important to recognize these integral parts of the industry. The Punjabi music industry is lucky enough to be blessed with some of the best music video directors in the country. Let’s take a look at a list of some of the best music video directors of the Punjabi industry:

List Of Top 35 Music Video Directors Of Punjab Or Punjabi Industry

Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma might have established himself well in the industry as an actor and singer, but he entered the industry as a music video director. Directing some of the biggest hits of his times, he made his mark as one of the best directors in the industry. His notable works include Khaab, Aadat, Hostel, and many more.

Arvindr Khaira

Arvindr Khaira is one of the best when it comes to video directing. He is mostly known for directing the video of the song Filhaal by B Praak. He has also directed the video of Ammy Virk’s Hathh Chumme. 

Agam Mann & Azeem Mann

You would’ve heard of Brother’s of destruction. Presenting to you, the Brothers of direction. The brothers are credited with the title of being the video directors of Mexico Koka, Dhakka and such big hits. Working with big artists like Karan Aujla, Sidhu Moosewala, Parmish Verma is their everyday thing.

Mahi Sandhu & Joban Sandhu

Mahi Sandhu and Joban Sandhu run the company B2gether pros. B2gether Pros is currently ruling the industry. Having directed the videos of the songs like Adhiya, Defaulter, Gutt, the company has made its place right in the top tier.

Sukh Sanghera

Does the man need any introduction? One of the most active directors in the industry, you cannot name an artist Sukh hasn’t worked with. He is also the major video director of Moosetape, the album by Sidhu Moosewala. He has also directed the videos of songs like Kya Baat Aa, Listen Bro, Dhoor Pendi. His story-telling skills are what differentiates him from the rest of the industry.

Navjit Buttar

Navjit is one of the most decorated directors of the industry. He has earned huge recognition for his work and has won countless awards as a director, including BritAsia Award for the Best Music Video Director. He started his career with a video-making company Virsa Arts, along with a friend. The company gave the Punjabi music industry its most beautiful video ever, Soch by Harrdy Sandhu. 

Harry Singh & Preet Singh

Harry Singh and Preet Singh are known for directing super-hit songs like Sira E Hou. They have also directed the video of the song Teeje Week by Jordan Sandhu. Their quality and out-of-the-box ideas are something every director craves to have.

Rupan Bal & Rubal GTR

The young directors are known for bringing up new and fresh ideas to the industry. His remarkable ideas have made him the go-to artist for the industry’s giant, Karan Aujla. Karan depends upon Rupan for the direction of some of his major songs like Hint, Haan Haige Aa, Sheikh and many more. The artist crossed the 1 billion views mark on youtube for the videos directed by him throughout his career.

Dilsher Singh & Khushpal Kahlon

Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Kahlon together run the “Tru Makers”. Tru Makers are one of the few directors of the Punjabi industry who have taken a step ahead of directing music videos. Their first movie as a director was “Shooter” and the movie has already become a fan favorite. They have also received the opportunity to direct Sidhu Moosewala’s debut movie, Mossajatt.

Aarish & Sukh D

Though Aarish and Sukh Duladdi have parted their ways, but both the directors have given the industry some hits to remember. They together directed the videos of the superhit songs 8 Parche by Baani Sandhu and Naagmani by Khan Bhaini and Gurlez Akhtar. Even after separating, both the artists continued to give hits to the industry.  

Bhindder Burj

Bhindder Burj runs the video making company Burj Shah Group. He has directed the videos of superhit songs like Kath, Ride or die, Jatt Nikkle and countless more. Bhindder wishes to soon turn his video making company into a label. 

Gurinder Bawa

Gurinder Bawa is another powerhouse of talent. He is from Chandigarh and the place is known to have given numerous talented artists, Gurinder is just another one of them. His works include songs like Kalla Sohna Nai, Gall Karke and many more.

Parm Chahal

Parm Chahal is known for directing the videos of superhit Punjabi songs like Expert Jatt and Follow. He is known for directing a number of Korala Mann videos like Dismiss 141, Barood Dil, Pamma Jatt, Bhailog and many more. He runs the direction house Ishqpura07 films, he uses the name in all of his works.

Regan Dadu

Regan Dadu initially used to work as a DOP. He still works as a DOP but has also helped the industry by directing many hit music videos. His most famous works include Ikk no. di cheez and Teri Naar.

Satti Dhillon

Satti Dhillon is the brother of the owner of the music label Geet Mp3, KV Dhillon. He initially started his career as an assistant director with Arvindr Khaira and soon directing music videos himself. He has directed the music videos of famous songs like Lehanga by Jass Manak.

Baljit Singh Deo

When you talk about multi-talented artists, Baljit Singh Deo is the prime example. In addition to being a master director, the man is also a DOP and Editor. The director has earned huge recognition for directing the music videos of the songs like Where Baby Where and Dark Love.

Rahul Dutta

If you want to know what Rahul Dutta can do as a director, go check out the G.O.A.T. album by Diljit Dosanjh. The man is the director behind all the videos of the most successful album of Diljit Dosanjh’s career, including Clash, GOAT, Peed and Born to Shine.  


The man is responsible for bringing a change in the industry through his new concepts and ideas. His remarkable skills as a director earned him the opportunity to direct “Mukhtiar Chadha” featuring Diljit Dosanjh. He has also worked with hip-hop sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh in many of his videos including First Kiss, Desi Kalakaar.

Yaadu Brar

Yaadu Brar is the director behind the famous Punjabi song “Teri Gali” by Barbie Mann. The video of the song also featured Bigg Boss 13 fame Asim Riaz. He is also the first-choice director of Punjabi singer Shivjot. Directing videos of songs like Moti Moti Akh, he has earned respect as one of the best directors in the Punjabi music world.

Hunny Singh & Pulkit Setia PK

Hunny Singh and Pulkit Setia PK are the men behind most of the music videos of Punjabi superstar Sidhu Moosewala. When an artist like Sidhu Moosewala, who is arguably the most popular singer of the industry as of now, trusts you for his music videos, there is something special about you for sure. And it is also very evident in their videos of songs like Tibbeyan Da Putt, Doctor, Game and many more. 

Savio Sandhu & Yug

Savio Sandhu and Yug’s duo is one of the most talented ones out there. The duo is behind the music video of “Jab Hum Padheya Karte The’ by Parmish Verma. In addition to working with Parmish Verma, they have also directed the videos of the songs Aakad and Masterpiece.

Dimple Bhullar

Like many other directors in the Punjabi music industry, Dimple too started off his career as an assistant director and DOP with Parmish Verma, but later when Parmish started focusing more on acting and singing, he started his career as an independent director. His notable works include Aah Gall, Pind Puchhdi etc. 

Sharan Art

Sharandeep Singh is a talented painter too. Probably his imagination skills in painting have come in handy in direction too, which has made him one of the best directors in the industry. His direction does not need an introduction. The man has directed “Rabb Da Radio 2”, the movie that won Best Punjabi film at the 67th national awards.

Amaninder Singh & Varinderpal Bains

Amaninder Singh and Varinderpal Bains is another director duo that is ruling the Punjabi music industry. They have directed the music video of the famous Jail Fail song by The Landers. Amaninder Singh also works as a Steadicam, his latest project was Baarish Ki Jaaye.

Sukaran Pathak & Rupen Bhardwaj

Sukaran Pathak and Rupen Bhardwaj give the industry music videos like none other. They have directed the videos of superhit songs like My Block, Paapi, Black Munde, Taare and countless more.

Garry Khatrao

Garry Khatrao is the owner of Garry Khatrao Media. His Best works include music videos of the songs Agg Att Koka Keher and Bhabi (Kamal Khaira). One of his videos, Unstoppable by Hardeep Grewal, won an award at the Dubai International Film Festival.

Navi Lubana

Navi Lubana is not an unknown name in the Punjabi music industry. Apart from directing the music videos of superhit songs like Sunroof by Elly Mangat, Navi has also worked as a model in various music videos. Some of them are By God, Nakhre etc.

Director Shabby

 Director Shabby or Sahil Bagga is the man behind the music video of the song that made every viewer shed a tear, the emotional “Yaar Mod Do’ by Milind Gaba. He started off his direction career with the song “Daaru Party’ released on Speed Records and hasn’t looked backed since the day.

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar is another director who initially used to work as an assistant director with Parmish Verma. He has directed the music videos of songs I Like It by Himanshi Khurrana, Naukar by Sharry Maan that has earned him huge recognition in the industry.

Amarpreet GS Chhabra

Amarpreet’s direction career hasn’t been limited to Punjabi music videos. In addition to working in songs like Top Tucker and Shagufta Dilli, he has also worked as the director for various Hindi soaps such as Chhoti Sardarni, Mahabharat, Balveer and many more.

Jashan Nanarh

When it comes to top video directors of the Punjabi music industry, it is impossible not to include Jashan Nanarh. He has directed the videos of superhit songs like Famous by Sidhu Moosewala. Recently the director took his strong stance against songs promoting Gun Culture, violence and drugs and said in an official statement that he won’t be doing songs promoting such items anymore.

Navraj Raja 

Navraj Raja started working as an owner, promoter and music video director when he launched his own company, Navraj Productions. Navraj has directed over 400 videos till date and has worked with legends of the Punjabi music industry such as Kuldeep Manak, Jazzy B, Sukhshinder Shinda, Satinder Sartaaj, Hans Raj Hans and the list will nvever end.

Puneet Singh Bedi & Mohit Middha 

Puneet Singh Bedi and Mohit Middha are the famous Bideowale Frame Singh. Their honest work as directors in the industry won them the PTC award for the Best Music Video Director for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017). 

Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh is too a multi-talented artist. He works as a director, DOP, Editor and as photographer too in the industry. He has directed the songs Blames by Dilpreet Dhillon and Nishaniya by Inder Chahal. He is the director of Daas Films. Manpreet has also the pre-wedding and wedding shoots of various famous Punjabi artists like Dilpreet Dhillon and Yuvraj Hans.

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We forget to recognize the magicians who make the visible portion of a song possible. A music video isn’t just a normal video, it narrates a story, affects the viewer’s mind, and gives sense to the lyrics of the song. The Punjabi music industry is blessed to have a heavy number of talented directors that have made Punjabi music to break national boundaries and language barriers to travel across borders and people.  

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