Top Songs in The Support of The Farmers Protest

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There is no doubt in the fact that the artists from Punjbai Film and Music Industry are supporting the farmers in every possible way. Not only had they reached Delhi at the protest location to support them, but also have been fighting for them on social media platforms with the people who are trying to spread hate. Here we have the list of very strong songs recently released by various Punjabi Artists in which they have raised their voice loud in the favor of The Farmers.

Songs in The Support of The Farmer Protest

  1. Kisan Anthem – Various Artists

Sung by Mankirat Aulakh, Nishawn Bhullar, Jass Bajwa, Jordan Sandhu, Fazilpuria, Dilpreet Dhillon, Dj Flow, Shree Brar, Afsana Khan & Bobby Sandhu, this song is definitely the loudest roar. The lyrics are penned by Shree Brar and our favourite was,

“Taraliya ch ande jatt chade baliye , Kithe kangna te kithe kadde baliye

Dolmal thap paye pamp unna de, Patta lagu singh kithe aade baliye”

  1. Punjab Bolda – Ranjit Bawa

Punjab Bolda was a sudden a on the spot song made by Ranjit Bawa, when he noticed Kangana debating with Diljit Dosanjh on Twitter. Lovely Noor has penned the lyrics for Bawa, and trust us; this song is worth a million shares. While listening the song, you will definitely like,

“Rabb Na Kare Je Gora Fer Aa Geya,

 Oye Lai Leyo Azaadi Odon Yoga Fir Karke”

  1. Haq – Harbhajan Mann

Written by Harwinder Tatla, this song is sung by Harbhajan Mann. This song is the best on the behalf of the Farmers. If you’re by the side of Farmers too, you will love the song.
  1. Soorjan Wale – Amrinder Gill

Amrinder Gill has never failed in touching the hearts of the listeners. And ‘Soorjan Wale’ is a song which will make your eyes wet and heart heavy. Watch the song and there is a possibility you will know the struggles of a farmer’s life.

The part of the lyrics which hit the soul again and again is,

“Ohdi Degree Trunk Wich Ruldi, Te Mandiyan Ch Rule Aap Ni

Ronde Hoye’an Nu Hasaun Wala Jatt Si, Te Hun Rehnda Chup-chap Ni”

  1. Chup Karja Delhiye – G Sandhu

G Sandhu has also released his contribution in the support of the Farmers. The lyrics of ‘Chup Karja Delhiye’ are written by Mani Sonspuri and G Sandhu has done justice to the powerful lyrics.

  1. Asi Vaddange – Himmat Sandhu

We must say that Himmat Sandhu has done a really commendable job in preparing the song ‘Asi Vaddange’. Not only has he sung it with confidence in his voice, but he has also penned the lyrics for the same.

  1. Jawani Zindabad – Kanwar Grewal

Kanwar Grewal released this song after he joined the protest in Delhi with the Farmers. Harf Cheema penned this song for Kanwar Grewal, and the audience is loving the song very much.

  1. Mukkiea – Singga

You must have seen the viral video of an old man, in which he says, ‘Modi Ko To Mukkia Naal Kootega’, here is what Singga used the dialogue for. Mukkiea is both written and sung by Singga.
  1. Bagawtan – Jazzy B

When everybody was releasing their songs in the support of the Farmers, how could Jazzy B let his chance go? He released a powerful song written by Varinder Sema, and this song is winning hearts.

  1. Kissan v/s Delhi – Ninja

Jassi Lokha joined hands with Ninja to prepare the song ‘Kissan v/s Delhi’. Jassi Lokha penned the lyrics, whereas Ninja gave his vocals to the lyrics. The song will make you feel motivated and proud of the farmers fighting for their rights.

  1. Sher Sardar – Nirvair pannu

Nirvair Pannu who is the current sensation of Punjabi Music Industry has also released his song ‘Sher Sardar’. As the title describes the song is for the fighter farmers who are fighting for their rights peacefully and with decency.

  1. Punjab Kitthe Dabda – Arjan Dhillon

Another song in the list titled ‘Punjab Kitthe Dabda’ by Arjan Dhillon. He has penned the lyrics and sung it too. This song is also getting a lot of attention and appreciation by the listeners.

  1. Pecha – Kanwar Grewal & Harf Cheema

The duo of Harf Cheema and Kanwar Grewal has dropped one more song called ‘Pecha’ in support of the farmers. After releasing this song, both Harf Cheema and Kanwar Grewal also reached Delhi to support the farmers which received a lot of appreciation.

We have dropped the links for every song here, if you still haven’t listened to any of these, do listen. These songs and the views on these songs prove that the Framers are not alone in this fight. We all stand by them.

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