Top stage performers of Punjabi Industry

No doubt Punjab is the state of music. Everyone here either is a singer or dreams of being one. But amongst all these hundreds of singers here, not everyone is blessed with being a performer too. It’s not a big deal to add good beats and autotune the audio, but performing live is not everyone’s cup of tea. So here we present the real gems of our industry who are to be called real performers and artists.

Wadali Brothers

The popular Jodi of brothers, Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali don’t sing together anymore since the younger brother Pyarelal Ji passed away. Both of them were a miracle and beautiful positive energy while performing. Now the son of Puranchand Wadali, i.e Lakhwinder Wadali sings with his father. No doubt they sing beautifully, but we will always miss the Jodi of real Wadali Brothers.

Gurdas Mann

This man holds the title of the king of the Punjabi Industry. Nobody loves his audience like he does, and the audience loves nobody like they do Gurdas Mann.  This man is a miracle because he is the one who talks and sings together on stage.

His songs are superhit, but a different level is when he performs them live on stage.

Daler Mehndi

When Daler Mehndi is on stage, you better be ready with your dance moves, as his buland aawaz has no match in the entire world, we must say. And when you have got the moves right, you will definitely crave for some more.

Waris Brothers

Kamal Heer and Manmohan Waris are two artists who still know the art of touching the souls of their audience, the moment they start singing. This is something only a few artists can do, especially in this era of commercialization of every possible thing, including art too. Waris Brothers have a collection of songs that are worth listening to live. Their voice and performance is mesmerizing and connected to the soil so much that listening to them, you will fall in love with Punjab again and again.

Babbu MaanBabbu Maan, the man of love and experience is here in the list of perfect and true performers. He has the record of gathering most people in his shows leaves no doubt why he is considered as a legend in the Punjabi industry. He knows well how to perform his feelings out on stage. You may not believe but there are people who attend his live shows, just to listen to him talking. A show is meant for an entertainer, and Babbu Maan is an entertainer for sure.

Satinder SartajWhen one talks about a true performer of the Punjabi Industry, it would be really unfair, if Satinder Sartaj is not the talk of the town. He for sure needs no introduction because his voice introduces him better. The best thing about him is he shares his life’s experiences on stage and also has special songs to perform live. So next time you get an opportunity to listen to him live, get an idea that it’s really special.

Kanwar GrewalKanwar Grewal’s audience has a very unique and completely different taste. Kanwar walks on this path alone and it is usually said that the people who love his style of singing and songs, understand the real worth of music. So next time you get a chance, try yourself.

Ranjit BawaRanjit Bawa is a man of positive smiling face & a friendly personality too. He comes first in this list because not many knows, he decided to sing only family-friendly songs, once a family refused to get clicked with him. And since then he has been a part of clean songs and has mastered the art of blending commercial songs with family-friendly content. Other than this, Bawa is a real rockstar on stage, he can sing for hours without losing any beat. If you doubt, you may attend any of his concerns, and we’re sure, you won’t be disappointed.

Harbhajan Maan

He has been in the industry for so many years, but the count of his songs is limited. This proves how quality matters to him over quantity. On stage, he sings the songs which relate and entertain the audience at the same time. This truly powerful Punjabi voice is definitely worth listening to live.

Gurnam Bhullar

Diamond Boy Gurnam Bhullar is in the spotlight due to his one hit, but behind this, there is his struggle of years. And that’s exactly what makes him a true performer and singer on stage. We can see him showing his love for singing by nailing the event with his amazing voice and songs.

These were the amazing performers of all time in our Punjabi Industry. It won’t be wrong if we call them evergreen entertainers. So next time you get a chance to attend their live shows, and you miss them, it’s bad!

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