Moh’s Trailer Warns Fans To Be Ready For Jagdeep’s Emotional Extravaganza Once Again

You must be lying if you say you are someone who loves watching Punjabi movies and is still not excited about Moh. Jagdeep Sidhu has finally nourished his special project Moh to be ready to hit the silver screens. 

Moh stars Jagdeep’s trusted Sargun Mehta and debutant Gitaz Bindrakhia in the leading roles. The fresh pairing of this couple is one of the major reasons that make Moh a must-watch. The trailer of this awaited movie has finally dropped on YouTube and grabbed everyone’s attention.

Moh as expected is going to be a typical Jagdeep Sidhu movie i.e. an emotional extravaganza. Yes, this is the word to describe the filmmaking of Jagdeep Sidhu. in a nutshell. Now coming to the story of Moh, it is going to narrate a young age love story of a boy (Gitaz) who falls in love with a girl (Sargun). His love story grows older and more intense with time only to leave him heartbroken and devastated. 

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We saw Gitaz in the role of a young boy, transforming into an alcohol addict and then a grown-up man with a rough and untidy look. On the other hand, Sargun seems to be essaying the role of an orchestra dancer. She speaks Urdu, and this one thing is a major description of her character in the film.

Yes, the love story between the two could not meet a fortunate end, and this has affected Gitaz Bindrakhia. But Sargun too has surely gone through a lot of miserable things in the meantime which will be revealed in detail in the film only. 

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The film’s trailer has assured us that this love story, unlike others, is going to be unusual and beyond the set standards. We don’t doubt Sargun when it comes to her talent, and this time also she has impressed us effortlessly. But we really need to take out time to appreciate the expressions and acting skills of Gitaz for sure. As he is going to mark his acting debut with this Jagdeep Sidhu directorial, we want to tell him that our expectation levels have risen up after watching the trailer.

Moving ahead to the other beautiful things which won our hearts in the Moh trailer, we are astonished by the poetic narration of the heartbreak. The film is going to be bliss with the seasoning of Urdu. Since there is no doubt Urdu and Love, has always been the deadliest and most beautiful combination, we know the language is going to add a lot of charm to this love story. 

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Also, how can we not mention the beautiful dialogues which are written with utmost grace and love? We are already heading over heels in love with the dialogues as well as the upcoming songs of this movie. Yes, the seconds of songs teased in the trailer of Moh were enough to make our hearts melt.

The background score is another addition to the list of things which are making us look forward to the film. And for this, Jaani and B Praak deserve all the praise. 

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Now, we are concluding this trailer review of Moh with none other than our all-time favorite Jagdeep Sidhu. We call Jagdeep Sidhu a magician! A magician who spells emotions on screen and redefines love in his stories. (Every time I watch his project on screen, it makes me believe that this is Jagdeep’s best work ever. But the director breaks the glass, surprises me, and proves me wrong every time when his new project is released.) 

We are excited to watch the magic of Jagdeep Sidhu once again this September. Moh will be released on the silver screens on 16 September 2022. 

If you haven’t watched the trailer of Moh yet, don’t miss out, check it out here;

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