Drama Surrounds Harish Verma & Sweetaj Brar’s Adorable Love Story In Tere Layi

The fans of Punjabi movies will be excited to know the trailer of the upcoming Punjabi movie Tere Layi has been released. The film will star Harish Verma and Sweetaj Brar in the leading roles and will follow a romantic-comedy plot. 

The trailer of Tere Layi opens with Harish Verma and Sweetaj Brar meeting and falling in love. Their adorable chemistry is the show stealer in the trailer and has made us excited to see more of it. But their love story in the film won’t be easy. As Harish Verma gets serious about the relationship, Sweetaj Brar decides to ditch him as she doesn’t want to get married. 

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But some series of events invite Harish Verma to Sweetaj Brar’s house, and the family drama begins here. The trailer surely looks like this film has a lot to offer. Not only a fresh love story but young romance and insecurities in relationships will be the highlight of the film. 

Apart from Harish Verm and Sweetaj Brar in the leading roles, Tere Layi will also feature amazing talents like Nirmal Rishi, Bhumika Sharma, Amrit Amby, Jarnail Singh, Seema Kaushal, Nisha Bano and many more in supporting roles. 


Earlier, Tere Layi was scheduled to hit the theaters on 7 October, but the team postponed its release to enhance the film’s overall experience. 

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Coming to the credits of the film, Tere Layi is directed by Amit Prasher and written by Krishana Dapat. It is presented by DMAK Media House, produced by Dhiraj Arora and co-produced by Dimple Kharour, Abhaydeep Singh Mutti & Rahul Sharma. This Harish Verma & Sweetaj Brar starrer is set to release on 9 December. 
Watch the trailer of Tere Layi here,

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