Truecaller Took An Initiative For Women Safety With #ItsNotOk

Truecaller was recently ranked as the 3rd most popular app in India during 2020. And Truecaller shared this news with its users on Twitter as well.

Truecaller has taken an ‘Anti Harassment Initiative’ for raising awareness about Women Safety with hashtag #ItsNotOk. Their report stated that; 1 out of every 5 women in India receive an sexual or inappropriate calls or SMS, and out of these;

  • 58% women think this is harassment.
  • 67% women felt angry / irritated about it.
  • 76% calls were from unknowns, whereas 4% were from known acquaintances.
  •  7 out of 10 women took actions against the calls/SMS.
  • 85% blocked the number, whereas 15% reported it to the authorities.

And while sharing the women helpline numbers and suggesting women to speak up and take actions Truecaller stated,

“Don’t let harassment become normalized. Tell someone you trust if you are being harassed. It’s your right to say #ItsNotOK”

We highly appreciate their initiative, and if you want to read the complete report and article, Here Is The Link For You.

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