Tu Hovein Main Hovan Movie Review: Story Of Messed-Up Relations With Weak Emotions

StarcastJimmy Shergill, Kulraj Randhawa, Delbar Arya, Sajjan Adeeb, Anita Devgan, Seema Kaushal and more
DirectorVakil Singh
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The handsome hunk of Punjabi film industry, Jimmy Shergill is finally back with a new Punjabi movie. His latest movie, Tu Hovein Main Hovan has been released in the theaters and we have a lot to talk about it. In our Tu Hovein Main Hovan movie review, we discussed the film in detail. After reading this review article, you will get to know all the details about the film’s story, performances, music and more. 

The trailer of this film had already conveyed that this story is going to highlight the mess in modern complicated relationships. But did this film actually stand on par with our expectations? Or did it just fall flat? Read our Tu Hovein Main Hovan movie review, to find out. 


As the trailer already revealed, Tu Hovein Main Hovan is a beautiful story of a separated couple. Jimmy Shergill and Kulraj Randhawa are seen playing the leading roles in the film. They have filed for divorce and are living separately with one child each. Their relationship surely has been through some ugly turns but will their kids and family be able to reunite them? 

To know what exactly happens, you must watch this film in theatres. But without giving you major spoilers, we can surely reveal that in this movie you will get to see not one but two love stories. 

Basically, Tu Hovein Main Hovan is a story that specifically focuses on the trend of separation and divorce in modern times. Punjabi Cinema has surely touched the theme earlier in some movies too, but this Jimmy Shergill starrer has its own way to present the message. 

Acting & Performances

We are taking forward our Tu Hovein Main Hovan movie review to discuss the acting and performances of the actors in this film. While Jimmy Shergill and Kulraj Randhawa play the leads, more actors like Sajjan Adeeb, Delber Arya, Seema Kaushal and Anita Devgan are seen in supporting roles. 

Starting with the epitome of talent and expression, Jimmy Shergill was outstanding as usual. Jimmy has impressed us with his acting skills in various movies, and in Tu Hovein Main Hovan also, he was good enough. But somehow, we feel the writers of this film were not able to extract the best out of him. He surely did well in whatever was assigned, but he has the caliber to perform even better.

Kulraj Randhawa on the other hand was too good. Even though it was hard to take our eyes off her pretty face, we can assure she delivered a good performance throughout. But here also, we have complaints about the writers, as her role was simple without having any complex scenes to help her stand out. 

Now talking about the supporting cast, Sajjan Adeeb, Delber Arya, Anita Devgan and Seema Kaushal; all four of these were well fitted in the film. They filled the gaps and helped the film have different perspectives to the same story. 

Music & Dialogues

Heading towards the music and dialogues of the film, the film surely has a beautiful and heart-touching theme, but this is not the case with its music and dialogues. Yes, Tu Hovein Main Hovan lacks spark when it comes to its background score, album and dialogues. 

The film has 4-5 songs which are well-placed in the story but are not exceptionally good to be remembered. And similarly, the dialogue of the film felt very casual and was not really impactful. As already mentioned, this once again indicates and targets the weak writing of Tu Hovein Main Hovan. 

Writing & Direction 

We have already praised the theme, idea and motive behind the making of this film in our Tu Hovein Main Hovan movie review. We admire the thought of the makers but are disappointed with the execution of the film. This beautiful theme deserved to have a better screenplay with details and emotions. 

It is unfortunate that a film with such an emotional theme was flat when it comes to delivering the emotions on screen. It was hard to connect with the characters and the story, as there was absolutely no emotional peak. 

Yes, the concept of the film is not new but was strong enough to win the audience’s hearts. So, after ranting about the extremely weak writing of this film, we are now moving to discuss the direction. Vakil Singh, the director and sailor of Tu Hovein Main Hovan also could have uplifted the quality of the film. He could have added better scenes to make the sequences engaging. Especially the scenes with direct communication were miserable as they were not connecting with the audience at all. Also, the film felt boring at various moments as the storyline was stretched and exaggerated. 


Overall, Tu Hovein Main Hovan is a film for everyone. It tries to convey family values and the importance of maintaining healthy relations. But unfortunately, we struggled to stay tuned and engaged with the screenplay of the film. So, we feel the film’s screenplay should have been crisper to make the film more entertaining. 

Also, at various places, the story of this film will hit you with the hard nostalgia of watching Amrinder Gill & Sargun Mehta’s Love Punjab. Both movies have similar themes with some differences. Hence, if you have liked Love Punjab, there are high chances you will like this film too. 

So, to conclude our Tu Hovein Main Hovan movie review, we can say if you are a true fan of Jimmy Shergill, this film is already waiting for you in theaters. This project surely has some major flaws, but its beautiful attempt to show the chaos in messed up & modern relationships is admirable. If you like movies with emotional and family drama themes, Tu Hovein Main Hovan is surely a good watch. 

Watch the trailer of Tu Hovein Main Hovan here, 

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