Tu Yaheen Hai: Shehnaaz Gill Pays Tribute To Late Sidharth Shukla And It Will Leave You Heartbroken

Tu Yaheen Hai: Shehnaaz Gill Pays Tribute To Late Sidharth Shukla And It Will Leave You Heartbroken

The sudden death of actor Sidharth Shukla on 2 September, 2021, left the entire country in shock. His fans were left heartbroken but one name in particular, Shehnaaz Gill was the real sufferer of his tragic death. She went through an emotional trauma following her rumoured boyfriend Sidharth’s death. The sense of loss of the person closest to her heart, left her broken and she could not even make any public appearance.

But now, Shehnaaz has finally decided to rise up and has released a track, paying her tributes to the late actor and her rumoured boyfriend. Titled ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’, the song is sung by Shehnaaz while Raj Ranjodh has composed, written and produced the music for the song. Bal Deo made the emotional video of the song and it will leave ‘Sidnaaz’ fans in tears.

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There couldn’t have been a better farewell or tribute paid to the actor than ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’. The song is so powerful in itself that even if you never knew about Sidnaaz, the mere feeling of the song will leave you emotionally broken. The visuals are so beautifully represented and the video shows the whole story of how Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla became everyone’s lovely ‘Sidnaaz’.

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The rumoured couple met for the first time at the Bigg Boss Season 13 and over the course of their journey, developed a strong loving bond. It led the fans of both the actors to call the pair ‘Sidnaaz’. Though they never made their relationship public, there is no doubt to the fact that both were emotionally connected to each other and were closest to each other’s hearts. ‘Tu Yaheen Hai’ beautifully presents their whole journey and Shehnaaz’s sense of loss.

The ending part of the song is too much for the fans to take in. Shehnaaz and Sidharth walk hand in hand with their backs turned to the camera, for the one last time, before Sidharth suddenly vanishes and Shehnaaz is left alone, walking straight on the road of life without her beloved. 

It also featured original clips of the pair from Bigg Boss. The original clip Shehnaaz saying ‘Tu Mera Hai’ to Sidharth is how the song begins, and it is enough to let you all know that you are going to have one hell of an emotional ride listening to this track, and watching its video is just too much emotion to take in at one time. 

Tu Yaheen Hai is not a mere song, it is a tribute. It is perfect in every sense and there are no parameters of describing the feelings of a person. We just want to wish Shehnaaz a strong and happy life ahead!

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