Tufang Movie Review: A Fight For Legacy That Has A Tint Of Rich Action-Filled Love

StarcastGuri, Jagjeet Sandhu, Rukshar Dhillon, Harpreet Bains, Baljinder Bains, Mahabir Bhullar, Mintu Kapa, Balwinder Bullet, Karanveer Khullar, Arsh Hundal, Jasmine Kaur, Satwant Kaur, Rahul Jungral, Anita Shabdeesh
DirectorDheeraj Kedarnath Rattan
Kiddaan Rating

A new Punjabi movie was doing rounds over the internet for its out of the ordinary storyline and it has surely come out that way. Tufang starring Guri, Jagjeet Sandhu and Rukshar Dhillon has now been released in the cinema halls all over. The movie is a tonic that contains action, not-so-usual love, thrill and suspense. Tufang is described as the Parsi word used for ‘Guns’ and never mind, the story is all about it. You have to read this Tufang movie review to know a little more about it. 

Do not just visualize the entire movie by the 3-minute trailer you had watched on Youtube as the movie has a lot more to serve to its viewers. Tufang has come out to be a fine movie with strong starcast and screenplay. The question that might have struck into your mind by now must be if you should give this movie a watch or not, right? Well, read Tufang movie review down here and decide for yourself. 


Let us talk about the large fish out of all, the Story. Tufang’s story appears as a half baked one in the trailer but once you witness it on big screens, you get to know how well it has been written and what all it has to serve the audience. Although there is nothing out of the box as such in the storyline, it still doesn’t make you bored. Story of Tufang revolves around Arjan (Guri), his brother-in-law Mouser (Jagjeet Sandhu) and his partner in crime for real, Deep (Rukshar). 

Arjan decides to take up a challenge on behalf of Deep to murder 2 men. How a victim falls in the trap of some guys in favor of marriage and the lead characters get into the matter for the sake of her, the story is all about it.

Acting & Performances 

The performances by in-movie characters are undoubtedly appreciable. Guri as Arjun Randhawa has come out as a carved diamond in Tufang as his acting is up to the mark. Not just this, Guri’s action sequence in the film is something to watch out for. From a ‘Lover’ boy to the ‘Action’ hero, from managing a gunhouse to managing and executing murders, Guri’s transformation appears fine. 

Rukshar Dhillon as the female lead has impressed us in a go. Dear by face, fierce by deeds, Rukshar as Deep Kaur has played her character very well. You get to her boys-like hobbies in the trailer but that’s not natural, however, she appears as the bold lady in the entire movie but the reason for taking up the guns is not by birth. You should see the movie at least for this character. 

Then comes the man that delivers commendable acts, Jagjeet Sandhu. Mouser Brar’s character has been amazingly played by Jagjeet Sandhu. His versatility as an actor has made us his fan once again with Tufang. Mouser’s opposing personality in the film sometimes makes the viewers annoyed, which is a good sign. As it is said, If you dislike the character, it means it has been well played by the actor. 

Apart from these three leads, Mahabir Bhullar as Arjan’s grandfather, Harpeet Brar as Arjan’s sister, Mintu Kapa & Balwinder Bullet as his friends have done a prolific job in Tufang. Karanveer Khullar and Arsh Hundal, on the other hand, played the negative personalities in the movie. Baljinder Bains and Jasmine Kaur have also done a good job as the supporting characters. 

Writing & Direction

Now coming to the direction of Tufang. Dheeraj Kedarnath Rattan has handled the steering by performing his part as the director as well as writer. Along with Dheeraj, Manila Rattan has managed the story and screenplay. Perfectly directed, finely written, the direction has made us expect more action-thriller movies from Dheeraj K Rattan. You don’t get bored at any point of time during the movie. 

Sham Kaushal needs a special shoutout for his awesome direction as the Action Director. Known for his work in Bollywood for decades, his presence at the back end has made the action scenes look appealing in Tufang. The rivalry gets much more interesting when the action happens. 

Music & Dialogues 

Music is the part where we get the feeling of something absent from it. Although singers like Jass Manak, Ninja, Labh Heera and more have handled the department but the level 10 is not completely achieved through the songs. Vadde Vadde Velly makes one of the finest songs out of all. 

Dialogues of Tufang are written by Gurpreet Bhullar and we are meant to appreciate them as they are good at times. 


Getting on to the conclusion, Tufang is a good watch and you can spend your 2.5 hrs in the cinema halls without regretting it later. The performances and the action in the movie steal the limelight and that’s the reason we are here with the honest Tufang movie review with Kiddaan rating it 4 on the scale of 5. Book your tickets now as Tufang has been released in cinemas. 

Watch the trailer of Tufang here until you get your booking confirmed: 

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