Tunka Tunka Movie Review: The Movie Will Empower You And Make Your Eyes Wet

Cast: Hardeep Grewal, Sardar Sohi, Balwinder Bullet, Sameep Singh & Hashneen Chauhan

Director: Garry Khatrao

Hardeep Grewal has finally marked his acting debut in the industry as his movie Tunka Tunka has hit the theatres. Hardeep played the hero in the movie, but came out as the superhero. 

The film is directed by Garry Khatrao and stars Sardar Sohi, Balwinder Bullet in supporting roles. 

Now talking about the honest review of the movie, we are sure that Tunka Tunka is going to win your hearts, especially if you are someone who is looking for something new and better in Punjabi Film Industry. The film is not only about a Cancer survivor, but highlights many aspects of life. It shows how family relationships can be affected by misunderstandings, and sometimes how difficult it can become to even have a simple conversation with them. In Tunka Tunka, you’ll get to know more about friendships, competitions, rivalry, hate and the power of positivity. 

The plot of the movie is based on the life of Fateh Singh and his dream to become the champion cyclist. And in his journey, his coach Arjan Singh, played by Balwinder Bullet, helps him to achieve his targets. We personally are so amazed by the acting skills of Hardeep Grewal because at no point you can believe that this is his debut act. 

Now talking about how the movie turned out as an overall experience, it started slow, but caught all our attention in the second interval. There are some scenes in the movie which are extremely emotional and definitely make your eyes wet. When we saw Hardeep Grewal as a Cancer patient, too weak on the silver screen, he not only made Sardar Sohi cry, but his skin showing his vertebrae poked directly into our hearts. The scene was difficult to watch and too much to handle. But all this made us realise how amazing and dedicated Hardeep Grewal was for performing this role. He not only really looked like a cancer fighter, but also perfectly muscular, energetic, and healthy as a cyclist. Looking at him and his physical transformation will surely make you realise the hard work and efforts he put in this project. Apart from the physical impressions, he also proved to be a great actor, because apart from his dialogue delivery, his expressions were amazing too. 

While reviewing Tunka Tunka, we cannot ignore National Award Winner Sameep Singh who played the childhood part of Fateh i.e. Hardeep Grewal. Looking at his acting skills, anyone can easily predict that he is going to achieve heights in the coming future. 

Overall the movie is a must-watch because it has something usual, and really motivating. 

The message Tunka Tunka conveys is simple yet important that your state of mind, the way you look at things and your ability to fight with obstacles is all what your life is made up of. Tunka Tunka will make you both smile, and cry at times, which makes it a perfect balance of emotions. 

And we hope you won’t mind us giving you a random spoiler that Hardeep Grewal not only wins a gold in the movie, he won our hearts too. 

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