Tunka Tunka Trailer Review: Brace Yourselves For The Story Of A Battle Of Life

The official trailer of the most awaited motivational movie ‘Tunka Tunka’ is finally out. Hardeep Grewal has always been known for bringing out motivational tracks, now he’s taking his message to a wider audience through a movie. Tunka Tunka will be released in theatres on 5 August 2021. 

The trailer is everything you could’ve asked for. Tunka Tunka is the story of a boy, dreaming to beat a train and the world in a race with his 24-inch ‘Desi’ cycle. He falls, he fails but does not give up. This beast finds a mentor and then begins the journey of the boy to a national cycling champion. But if the battle had been so easy, it wouldn’t have been called ‘The Battle Of Life’. 

He faces countless obstacles in his journey to success but the twist comes when he finds he’s been diagnosed with cancer. The mere look of Hardeep Grewal’s character diagnosed with cancer is enough to fetch you to the nearest theatres and watch this going-to-be-masterpiece movie. The battle on the cycling track shifts to the battle of Hardeep’s character with life. His father watches him struggle to live.

The movie is also going to bring love elements to the motivational title. By no means is Tunka Tunka something to miss. It is surely a must watch. The directorial accuracy, Hardeep Grewal’s tremendous efforts in acting and his unbelievable transformation, the storyline, everything attracts the viewer to book the tickets to the nearest cinemas already. 

Good news is that the waiting days are not much longer. The movie will finally be in front of us on 5 August. It would have been released a lot earlier had it not been for coronavirus. Nevertheless, the wait is surely going to count and Hardeep Grewal is surely upto create history with this movie!

Watch the trailer here :

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