Twitter Flooded With Memes After Photo Of Shubman Gill-Sara Ali Khan Goes Viral

A photo of cricketer Shubman Gill and actress Sara Ali Khan has been floating all over the internet since a day and is catching everyone’s attention. The unexpected photo came out when a random fan captured a video of both of them having a good time together at a restaurant and shared it on social media. 

Shubman Gill and Sara Ali Khan are blurily visible in the video where both of them can be seen dining in a restaurant and placing orders. They were sitting across from each other on the table. Gill was seen in a white-green shirt while Sara Ali Khan could be visible in a pink dress. A quick video which went viral over the social media has a behind-the-camera woman saying that she just ‘saw Sara at Bastian’. 

That woman identifies the restaurant ‘Bastian’ in Mumbai but the reports claim that they both were in Dubai. However, there is no solid proof of where both the personalities were captured from. Soon after the photo and video went viral, the netizens started their humor game by passing on some funny comments. 

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A user said, ‘Shubman is obsessed with the girls who are called by the name Sara’, the other user commented that. ‘Vo Sara Nahi Toh Ye Sara Sahi’. All these comments came after people started dotting the lines of Shubman and her reported ex-girlfriend Sara Tendulkar. Here are some memes rounding over the internet:

To let you know, Shubman Gill and Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter were reportedly in a relationship until they broke up recently. Many pictures of both of them used to go viral but it is no longer the same now. Now, after the picture of Shubman and Sara Ali Khan, the netizens have started assuming if the cricketer is dating the actress or is something cooking up between them. 

This would only be answered when any one of the personalities comment on the same. Meanwhile, Sara Ali Khan was rumored to be in a relationship with Kartik Aaryan recently but they broke up recently.

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